Kyle rittenhouse case

Had a long chat with my american friend about it all.

What a case

I’m assuming this thread will get locked lol

Why it aint politics

Regardless of who was right or wrong, im more amazed that people in the usa can carry guns around like that lmao

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In the states it’s connected to many different political issues.

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Everything in USA is considered politics these days

You can’t even admit to your sexual orientation without being accused of political speech/intentions if you’re not completely straight.

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Pretty fuucking sad.

America gor too many feelings lately

Amazed isn’t the right word. Appalled? Sure.

I should say something about the topic though, to be honest I haven’t been following it. Is this a Stand Your Ground state where it happened?

Think its crazy that kids can carry guns like that. However, my fist would have done just as much damage if some fuucking rednecks tried to burn my business down

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We have major problems with guns and shootings but every mass shooting just gets covered by the media as a “mental illness tragedy.”

Like they think the act of using a gun the way it’s intended is inherently insane, so no sane person can ever shoot anyone, it’s ridiculous.


Just because they did something doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

I find them both idiots, the rioters and the shooter

The definition of a clusterfuuck

What does mental illness have to do with this case ?

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Probably nothing, it’s just my go to reaction regarding guns, and you mentioned guns.

I know nothing about this case. I googled it for this thread, I see a guy shot a black guy and got off. I don’t know if this was a Stand Your Ground state or not, but I’m not surprised. This has happened countless times in the past and will continue into the future.

I’ll leave you guys to your discussion.


Kyle only shot white guys

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Im so confused lol

In before lock!!!

It goes against no rules for this to be locked

I just saw the thread turning racial and thought it would deteriorate

It just happened to occur in a very sensitive time in US history. Gun laws and such.