No voices but i probed

And it said my eventual death will be october 2019…well see i guess.

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I was told by my “voices” (they are thoughts that talk to me) that I would die on or before my 19th birthday. That did not happen. Maybe they are just trying to scare you like they likely were for me.


Yeah they want me dead i know that. I figure things out quick. Destroy the time machine.

Wow that looks crazy

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Do you have internal voices? When I was telling my pdoc about them, he interrupted me and said “they are auditory hallucinations” and not internal loud thoughts

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Yes @Om_Sadasiva they are internal. They talk to me in my thoughts. It’s why I’m having so much trouble discerning what’s happening in my head. There’s another presence in my thoughts.

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I have the same. They talk in different accents and volume and pitch. Zyprexa calmed them down. What about yours? Are still loud?

You can gain control of volume through accessing the tech with your imagination.

How? 1515151512

I think the meds calm them down because I no longer hear them right by the inside of my ear (well it doesn’t happen often). They have like one main accent and stuff with other side ones that I hear when they talk to each other. Right now my main theory is that the beings are entangled with my thoughts.

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I also hear them in my ears. They say random neutral things. Yours are evil?

Mine have been super evil. And ive seen real beings with shadows. And experienced major paranormal activity. Im experienced.

Mine say random neutral things. They are so eloquent and fast in their talking

Mine are chaotic neutral. Some of them say evil things while others say nice things.

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I also have the good and bad cop. One supports me, the other curses me

That’s not exactly how I would phrase it, but I could also control the volume by imagining a dial and turning it down. It’s a great skill, but I’m told few people ever manage it. I haven’t heard voices in over two years, though, so I haven’t had to do it in a long time.


I’m glad you don’t hear voices anymore. That is amazing. Mine are in my thoughts. Thoughts never stop.


The right med combo made them stop. It just took roughly thirteen years to find it.

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That’s a long time but I’m happy you eventually got them to stop.

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