Threat from voices

So one of the voices told me that i was going to regret working with them if i ever wrote this, but the scariest part is that the voice that said that was one of the most trusted. Proxy was the voice that threaten me and i don’t know who to trust or where to go to with these threats and attacks coming from the voices its like they have no legal system or anything.

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It takes a lot of courage to defy the voice like that. Glad you are reaching out. I believed for a year and a half I was talking to god and was devastated when he told me to go kill myself and not to tell anyone that he talks to me and all of that. I was even devastated to find out it wasn’t God and I was just schizophrenic.

Hope you are okay.


I’m doing better. The voices don’t bother me as much but they still interfere with my daily activities, Thanks for asking saywhaat i love your response.

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That sounds rough. I’m sorry you are struggling. It sounds very confusing. Are you on meds? If so, maybe you need a med adjustment.

The problem isn’t the meds the problem is that these voices don’t let me ejaculate. And that its very tough for a guy my age :angry:

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The voices can’t physically control your body. If you’re having sexual dysfunction as well as hearing threatening voices, you need to talk to your Psychiatrist. You could be in need for a med adjustment.

There’s no shame in that.

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I’ve been getting some command hallucinations and threats too for the first time. The disease actually can do things to my senses if I disobey. It can actually indeed hurt me and make me feel bad. Nothing violent but nonetheless not enjoyable. I have been sleeping like ■■■■ and haven’t been energized since I tweeted a of all things a Rothchild. I can’t believe that out of all the terrible ■■■■ I’ve done it came down to a Rothchild.

Glad it helped :smile: how has today been?

Well actually iv’e just finished off 4 today.:smiley:
But thanks for the update it really helped . :wink:

My voices tell me to kill myself. I try to ignore them but they just repeat themselves over and over again. It’s stressful.

My voices tell me to burn and cut myself, and sometimes when they tell me to hurt other people I won’t leave my apartment until they stop cuz I’m afraid I will. That’s usually when I get committed. I’ve never actually hurt anyone else, altho I tried to punch a hospital security guard once. That wasn’t a good idea… it’s sad that the local hospital security guards know me by my first name.

Tetell that sob oxy to comsobe on with it

That sob I mean.

Waoh better be careful man I think the voices have a plan to make us all homocidal and that is not ok.
The last thing they told me was to eat myself to death and die. HAAA * blowing off steam* just imagine the problems that causes me.

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