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“Drugs do not cause schizophrenia but can trigger and worsen the symptoms.”

No references but that I agree that’s probably how it works.


I agree that drugs worsen sz and may not cause it. My ex friend smoked lots of weed, he never got paranoid or psychotic. I smoked weed with him for the first time and I got paranoid, psychotic, word salad and was saying non sense. He told me its my genetics and not the weed. He stopped talking to me that day after the psychotic crap I told him, I told him I want to â– â– â– â–  a dog. Idk why this popped up in my mind while smoking weed. Only happens when smoking weed.


It’s good that you aren’t friends with him anymore.

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if you are read the article,and you become convinced that the salad 's content of the description explains the actual reality of the condition as it as in itself and as the human being feels,perceives ,coexists and interacts with internally,you are wrong !

This is like a description of a forest of trees,each tree is independent of the other (this is how the description of the condition appears in the article),it does not describe one specific tree from which many branches emerge connected to the trunk and one root

just a salad of pathological factors consisting of a mashed fruit taken from every tree that grows in the forest !

If it possible to manufacture a substance that causes headaches,there is supposed to be a possibility of making an antidote that remove headaches !

SO,instead of the misleading talk that some chemically manufactured substances cause the Psychosis of the condition be called sz,you are supposed to tell us about the antidote substance (treatment /cure) that can be made chemically to remove the psychosis of the sz condition ,permanently,temporarily or even for 10 minutes !!

Some people use drugs and never become schizophrenic. Others have a schizophrenic genetic time bomb and could gopsychotic even if they don’t use substances, I think illegal substances could trigger psychosis because of fear, anxiety or even loneliness. Isolation or feeling alone in a group of people. I wouldn’t suggest substances because they are not tested in by specialist and is not prescribed.

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I’ve smoked a fair amount of cannabis and it left me psychotic and half-broken.

I’ve also engaged in what I thought to be ecstasy use, which may or may not have precipitated my psychotic episode.

It’s really tough to say, as I believe I was already experiencing internal voices at a very young age, minus the psychotic break.

One thing’s for certain though: substances affect everyone’s brain chemistry differently. I cannot attest to something such as cannabis being particularly helpful for me as a person with SZ, as I haven’t smoked since going on meds.

I’d like to add that many people engage in substance use at an early age, which also coincides with the typical onset of SZ and SZ-related conditions.

With this being said, it might be difficult to ascertain direct results pointing to substance use as a catalyst for psychosis and SZ.

Like, who would the control group in this study be?

Everyone is different when it comes to chemical composition of the brain, and there are a lot of variables when it comes to such an experiment:

We’re talking trauma exposure, genetics, type of substance used and purity grade of said substance, set and setting, etc.

Like, I dunno.

My two cents :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:.


You must distinguish between the different effects of the following on the brain;
2-Smoking cannabis or others
3-Drinking alcohol
And the effect of the hallucination

When the hallucination is in the active status
Its activity consumes the kinetic energy from the cells of the brain regions,and this energy causes excessive alertness (waking) and the attention being raised the normal range !

The hallucination’s activity in its basic nature is represented in the heard voices (phonetic thoughts )are just a directive commands that are perceived (received) and translated automatically by releasing an equivalent amount of cellular kinetic energy from the cells that receive these command

The secretion of self cellular energy is a defensive means whose venting the tremendous pressure which has been induced by the phonetic commands in the received cells

It means,the effect of hallucination increases the attention,vigilance and mental functions beyond the person’s ability to bear the degree of its increasing,and there is no personal action to using this higher attention degree by self-will to benefit in any mental work that achieves the interest for the person

simply,you can look to all theoretical hypothesis of the sz,there is a talking about an extreme amount of dopamine or other,which indicate to the mental activity in the brain not like what is happens in smoking cannabis ,drinking alcohol or the narcotic substance

I took PCP about 100 times. It is a failure of a drug, legal or illegal. I tripped one day and read the Bible. It was the first time I’d ever read it, and I flipped out. It played a part in bringing out of my genes a family history of schizophrenia, but I did stop using drugs and alcohol. I believe if I had not used the drug I would have become sick later in life and it might have been harder because I wouldn’t have had the energy of a teenager to fight it. I had a strong tendency towards fanaticism. I had absolutely no idea of religion my family being agnostic and I had a God of no intellect. Please don’t flag this, I’m not talking about religion and it may help someone.

I think alcohol played a role in my schizophrenia. Like all alcoholics, I drank insanely.

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UCLA found giving rats large doses of lsd caused schizophrenia like symptoms in rats.

LSD was my drug of choice as a teenager. I believe it played a role in me getting schiz.

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How to understand the different between the hallucination’s effect and any living substance or non-living on the psychological nature ?

In the case,if the person takes narcotic drag,smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol,and we left the person for several hours (or a whole day ) without taking any medication

He will regain his original mental state and all symptoms of numbness will
disappear completely - as if nothing had happened !
such a things does not happen with the hallucination if it does /did !

If the hallucination occurs,it becomes permanent,it will accompany the person for life,and there is no medication to get rid of its existence