How does it feel to know everyone can read your mind?

How does it feel to know everyone can read your mind?

i had that felling at first it was fun because i taught i was the smartest of then all but then it started getting personal read my topic its was a little like you

people can’t read your mind,
yes, of course i thought this for a while but it is rubbish, and personaly ’ no ’ i would not care, all they would see is a big rainbow with a beautifully decorated cupcake underneath with a note saying ’ for dark sith '.
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they cant read your mind but for your felling that’s another story

i have been through this many times. the first two times were terrifying and llead to a complete loss of touch with reality but i got over it by plain experience. i asked myself how likely it would b that there was some vast telepathic conspiracy against me, involving every english speaking person i came into contact with. how was it possible that everybody knew about telepathy but me and why was i the only receipient of all this telepathic harassment. it’s not very likely is it? i even went so far as to suppose that i was the only human being left on a planet full of telepathic aliens…pretty silly now i look back. no one can read ur mind hunni. it’s just splinters of ur own mind mimicking those around u. they do perfect impressions but it’s not real. i still have voices of the rich and famous both dead and alive telling me i’m telepathic with them but i’m not. they r just personalities created in my mind. that’s all they r. my mind does brilliant impressions of them but that’s all they r, impressions. it’s almost like the mind splinters into fragmented personalities and those splinters turn against u. that’s how i c it anyway. hope this helps xxx

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I would feel very uncomfortable if everyone could read my mind, because I would feel I have no privacy. It did happen a few times like in public, that I felt people could read my mind, and made me feel really uncomfortable, like I had to get out of there and escape. Luckily it doesn’t happen a lot nowadays, only rarely, and usually when I am not taking my meds.

I used to feel very certain that people could read my mind, it really upset me and made me hide and afraid to look people in the eye. I was sure they could really read my mind if they could look into my eyes, so I wore dark sun glasses over my real glasses. I would also get irritated that some people would say they weren’t reading my mind when I was sure they were.

I would hang with my little toddler sis because she wasn’t old enough to have the mind reading ability. So I felt Ok around her.

But for a while I used to read classic literature non-stop. Treasure Island, Moby Dick, Don Quixote, so if people were reading my mind, they would actually be reading classic books. Then I felt like I was getting people back in touch with good literature.


I used to think that â– â– â– â–  along with tons of other delusions. I think most people on here fail to grasp how â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  nuts I was before I got on meds.

But yeah I dont want people reading my thoughts and discovering that I am bisexual and really into Japanese manga (comic book) porn (its called hentai) and holy ■■■■ that stuff is perverted, the lastest one I read was about a guy and a girl having sex and then this other guy comes in and the guy makes him dress in a schoolgirl outfit and have gay sex with him. And they’re all characters from a really popular anime called Attack on Titan, it’s like the most popular anime in years.

But anyways I am bisexual and think about having sex with a lot of people, multiple people at once, other than that I think a lot about powerlifting (Im a competitive powerlifter its great my ass and legs are sore as shit from lifting 505lbs three times last night) but damn I dont want people to know about my hentai habit or 20 year old weightlifter’s typical thoughts (uh…sex…lift weight, drop it down. Sex).

I mean my friends know because I blurt that ■■■■ out, I have no filter, one of my best friends thinks my taste in porn is retarded, but he’s korean, and one of my other best friends has a radically different taste in women, I like pale people. Then one of my other friends thinks my hentai problem is funny and not really a problem, then one teases me by showing me stick figures and asking me “does this drawing get you hard?”

I showed my korean buddy my favorite porn star and he was like “shes average” and I was like “you need glasses” but he likes asian girls almost exclusively, I like asians and white people, mostly Irish and Scotts Irish people

But yeah I wouldnt want the powerlifting team members to know that I am bisexual (mostly I am a top if that makes me any more manly, I dont take it in the backdoor, at least I havent yet, but I do other things) or that I think the guy on the team who personally trained me is really hot and that I would let him do anything to me.

I get paranoid just saying â– â– â– â–  like that.

that was a cunning plan mr bond…
you foiled them again…
take care


I used to think people were reading my mind or talking to me mentally. Over time, I realized it was just the voices trying to make me think people were reading mind and talking to me mentally.

people can read my mind and i can read theres

My continuous hallucination is that everyone is telepathic and they are capable of reading my mind simultaneously as they go about their business. It seems pretty ridiculous now because I have gained the ability to control it. It really reflects my anxious nature paranoid nature. For a while there my messages were the worst of things. It all revolves around sexual identity, but the more I shrug off these concerns the less telepathy I endure. It would be one thing if I just felt like they were reading my mind it’s another entirely when they comment when I believed it was real I was powerless and they were starting to steer my mind into some godforsaken places. Glad I started to get better when I did

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U can’t read my mind. Bet u can’t tell me what I just thought of? Ergo, u can’t read my mind.

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I thought that was happening to me for awhile, so to keep them entertained I read 1984 with a tinfoil hat on. It would be pointless to read my mind. Unless you want to learn how to draw. While I thought it was going on though anytime I thought something embarrassing or private it would be horrible.

Excellent! I would never have to talk again.

I had that too. I thought about lots of random things to make sure nobody knew what I was actually thinking about. I thought pdoc in hospital could read my mind so I told him nothing. He already knew everything. He read my mind.

Now I understand that is not possible. But I still feel that from time to time.

Not pointless for some, some are psychos, some are voyeurs, some like the power, etc…

i had this symptoms and absolutely dislike it,when people “can read my mind”,and that moment happen,i would be stunned,it has happened alot of time already,till now i still do not know how to resolve it

My voices and intruding thoughts used to bash my self idea of sexual identity. But I was the same, the less I fought it off and shrugged it off, the more it faded. Now that one doesn’t get to me anymore.

If everyone could read my mind , this is what i suffer from now, their would be much misunderstanding. I think intrusive thoughts and see them too so it wouldn’t be a good idea. Also I value my privacy and the only cure for my intrusive thoughts is first having privacy.