Can mentally ill have children

I think ‘yes’ why not, I have no children although I was in a sexual relationship nine years, have not found another partner yet. Maybe one day.

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Of course we can. It’s kind of disrespectful to say otherwise.


They deserve the right to, as anyone else.

This reminds me of being in the cardiac unit ten years ago after an overdose of pills. A man came to my bedside and told me he was a eugenicist and I became furious as I despise eugenics as it was what led to the hollocaust and all manner of evil, I told him to leave. Before he left he told me that he’d come to tell me that he approved of it if I ever wanted to start a family and that I should carry on my bloodline, then he left as I called him a nazi as he walked out the door.

My roommate, a grumpy old man, asked me what that was about and I told him and he asked me what a eugenicist was and I said it was basically a nazi. It was very strange.

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So many of us are lonely and we have difficulties to create partnerships. I think it is great if two persons with similar mental illnesses meet and have children.

I have kids. I got ill when they were 5 and 9.

I don’t think I’d managed them as toddlers and being ill.

Having babies is a thing that people do, irrespective of class, social standing, and belief. In short, it’s what people do. I think we are people. Everyone else is having children regardless of any perceived deficits they may encounter.

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It’s a personal choice. I want children some day.

It kinda sucks, I used to see myself having a family by my age. My girlfriend and I always said (in our romantic youthful optimism) that we’d hold off on starting one until our early 30’s, we gave them names, Zoe and Even, lol. We also planned on getting married in Montego Bay Jamaica, which she actually did. Says she still goes to bed in my Alien Workshop t-shirt.

But here I am in my early 30’s, perpetually single, was unable to keep a relationship going throughout my 20’s like I did in my teens, unemployed and cornered at all points by the forces of WRONG. Oh well. I’m still young.

They had a eugenics movement in the US some time ago. I guess the doctrines of Darwin had been bastardized to fit their preconceptions.

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Literally, yes of course. I think most people who speculate are thinking in terms of should they.

And my opinion is that there are people out there without MI that probably still shouldn’t have kids. It’s not my place to tell them not to have kids, or to try to take their rights away, or anything like that.

But basically if you can’t care for children, or might abuse your children, then that’s something to think about.

When it comes to people with mental illness, many people can and do get to a place where they could be great parents.

Like in essence I don’t think mental illness really has anything to do with it. It’s more about is someone mature and empathetic enough to be ready.

You can be highly mature empathetic while also having mental illness, and so still be a wonderful parent.


I believe I’ve read that the eugenics movement actually started in the US, it was certainly popular for a while. Apparently the American eugenics movement considered proposing gassing people deemed unfit rather than have taxpayers pay to lock them away in squalor but in the end they figured the public wouldn’t go for it.

Whew! It’s hard to believe that of the country I live in today.

Oh the dirty details of our history that never make it into our school books or popular concept of our past. Only recently I learned that it was actually perfectly legal to kill people of Chinese descent in west coast states for a good while in the 1800’s. I was also absolutely shocked last night watching a documentary about prohibition to learn that the women’s suffrage/prohibition movements was successful in changing the national age of consent from TEN to sixteen. TEN! This was in the late 1800’s. Shocked.

It ain’t just the trail of tears, this countries got an absolutely horrifying history that’s been mostly covered up, we have no right to claim to be the “leader of the free world”.

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I was terrified of having children as I didn’t want to pass this curse down to my worse enemy.

But there was a very low stress period in my life I was not taking antispsychotics.
So I got married and great we had a child, then stress came and relapses came back.

Having even one was very stressful, and I was always worried he would 'get it’
But guess what, he didn’t.
Its maybe sorta like those people that are told to have an abortion
and kill them because they ‘won’t be right’ due to some birth defect. Well if they find the sz gene, will they be
killing us before we have a chance? If you are stable,responsible and make enough money to support them, its your choice.
But I don’t really understand these women that have more children to get a bigger check! Often they have no partners!
I see them on Judge Judy.

I’m glad my Mother was not given the choice to get rid of my bad genes, not that she would…

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I chose not to have children because I did not achieve the ability to take care of them by myself and recognized that if a spouse was unable to do it herself I would have to give them up. I know, or have read about a few schizophrenics who were more successful than me and have or would make great parents. It depends on the severity of the illness.

Sure they can have children, it’s a personal choice.

I personally would not have children, I can barely take care of myself.

I had the chance to have kids when I was married, glad that things didn’t work out.

Having kids is a huge responsibility.

Sure they can. And they do. I would say that some mentally ill people should not have kids because they are too symptomatic to take on all the responsibilities of raising a child. Raising a child is an 18 year commitment that I’m not sure if some mentally people would be able to handle. But some mentally ill people raise fine kids. And even if you are too symptomatic at some point to become a parent, maybe down the road you will recover enough to handle it. But some mentally ill people obviously should not have kids because they are not able to even take care of themselves let alone a child.

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