Can I take more than one type of antipsychotic?

I have another new doctor and he allowed me to take zyprexa 5mg, amisuplride400mg, and reagila 3mg
not that I don’t trust my doctor I’m just worried I’m going to have some dangerous trouble. because of drugs.
anyone taking here 2-3 antipsychotics together? did you notice anything unusual?

Yes, it is common.

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It’s called ‘Polypharmacy’

Have a look online at the research specific to Antipsychotics.

Generally they like you to stay on just one, but if it’s necessary they will do more.


I take 2 APs too. I’m on risperdal consta 50mg and 200mg clozapine every day. So I don’t think it’s too weird to take more than 1 AP.

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I take Latuda and perphenazine. I have no issues with it.

I found that I needed more than just one AP, so I take clozapine and Invega and it’s work’s good. I’m not having positive symptoms although I have alot of negative symptoms. I guess that’s the down side.

but here who wrote everyone is taking 2 types not 3 at, I’m a little worried.

I know some people take even 3 but more rarely, also technically 5 mg zyprexa has no anti-psychotic proprieties.

The Doctors have consistently said no more than two APs, and the full dose must be taken once a day. But with some arm twisting, I was able to get 3 APs, and they are taken throughout the day to increase effectiveness. Taking Zyprexa, Letuda and Seroquel. Seroquel helps with the depression and anxiety. Zyprexa helps with the paranoia, but it has a max of 30mg, and it’s just too weak to do a lot of good. Letuda adds to the Zyprexa and Seroquel effects. The worse issue is more APs mean more side effects.

In my home country, doctors are very reluctant to put you on more than 2 ap’s. If you take more than one, it’s usually one main one and a supplemental one.

I take 2 regularly and then haldol on an emergency basis, but not 3 regularly. You can enter your meds into the meds interaction checker and see what comes up.

That seems like a lot. Did u just get out of the hospital? Sometimes they up the dose when you just get out. I take only one hopefully you can get to one eventually but don’t go off anything without talking to your doctor

I take 200mg amisulpride (300mg when i have a bad day) and 5mg olanzapine and they work well together

I take 30 me of zyprexa. I have never taken more than one ap even in the hospital.

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