Can i take 3 Antipsychotic together? Im afraid

So I take Vraylar, Xeplion injection, Seroquel XR together, I don’t feel much about vraylar maybe it activates a bit but I sleep from it when I take it.2 days ago. my question is can these be taken only temporarily or in the long time?

Follow whatever your doctor reccomends.


does anyone take 3 types of antipsychotics here?

I was on Geodon and just added Latuda and nervous. Working with prof on what to do next. I don’t like being on two.

As far as you are not concernerned or not feeling any major side effects worth stopping one of them, I say its good to go.

i think @Om_Sadasiva is on 3 APs. I myself am on 2 APs.

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Loxapine, olanzapine, and aripiprazole :+1:

I agree with @TheCanuk , do what your doctor recommends

Haldol, clozapine, chlorpromazine


Generally it’s not recommended because the side-effects can be unpredictable and the long-term effects are unknown. But if your doctor recommended it, it was probably for a good reason.


I used to take perphenizine seroquel and abilify together i didn’t have much side effects now I’m on abilify and haldol it’s been a lifesaver

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Different people react differently to everything. Like @Treebeard said, it isn’t a common thing. But sometimes, for some people, they experience fewer side effects on lower doses of multiple APs than on a higher dose of one AP. If you have concerns, you can always ask your pdoc why they prescribed your meds that way. They probably have a very good reason.

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Here you have psychiatrists who are specialized in polypharmacology. But my pdoc likes to stick to one ap in high dosage.


Yeah my doctor is against using more than one AP on a patient.
But I see that it’s quite common.

Talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have


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I was on olanzapine and lurasidone for about 2 years as I was transitioning, I never had any problems.

Not quite 3, but I’ve heard of others on 3 APs before.

Your doctor probably has other patients on 3 as well. You’re not breaking new ground.

I take two.

Caplyta and Navane, but my Navane dose is tiny.

Without the second one, I am too symptomatic.

I say follow what your doctor says.

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I was on risperidone, latuda, and geodon at the same time for a while.

I’m now on only Zyprexa.

Follow your doctor. Give it some time to see how it goes.

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I don’t take 3, but I take 2 (Seroquel & Latuda). If your pdoc thinks it’s OK for you to take 3 AP’s, you should be fine. But always let your pdoc know about any side effects. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not fear It’s mostly harmless. I likewise use 3 antipsychotics.I have been on theme for 10 years.I take 500 mg. Clopixol every 3 weeks. 600 mg. Qutiapine by mouth and 160 mg. Ziprasidone by mouth. If I don’t take theme I end on the bottle go to jail or get evicted. I am safe on these If you are too you’d take theme for at least some years.

I take it since then 5 days and its very effective for me anxiety and restlessness i take vraylar 1.5. My depressio is gone yet but my paranoia and hallucination not