Can i take 3 Antipsychotic together? Im afraid

thats called medications cocktail :cocktail:
it used to avoid using one medication at high doses
so different active constituents @ lower doses therefore lower side effects and to magnify pharmacolgical action (antipsychotic)
dont worry this is good not bad… god willing :grinning:
i m pharmacist i managed to graduate after 9 years @ college :sweat_smile:


So this is much?

Actually, it may lead to tics, tardive dykenesia and more side effects.

There are some studies on antipsychotic polypharmacy in general but as far as I know very little on the effects and side effects of specific combinations of antipsychotics. That’s what I was trying to say. We do know that polypharmacy is associated with more side effects but we do not know the consequences of specific combinations.

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Navane was the first AP I was placed on decades ago.

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So not so be problem? Im panaoid a little. 3 ap?

I used to take three: Prolixin 10mg twice a day, Latuda 40mg in the AM and 80mg in the PM, and Caplyta 42mg.

Probably the best combo I’ve been on, until the Latuda stopped working. Now I have Caplyta/Risperidone combo with the Prolixin as an emergency medication.

I might go back on the Prolixin and continue with my Caplyta. I have run out of atypical second generations like Latuda I could take. Considering a few typical first generations.

We’re our own doctors. Only we know what works best for us.

I feel bad this medication Reagila i hallucinacinate this medication not for me :frowning:

I’m currently on 3 AP’s and have been for 5 years now: Risperdal Consta, Geodon and Seroquel.

I am now in the process of tapering down off the Risperdal Consta with my pdocs supervision.

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I take Xeplion 150 mg once a month, everyday Risperidone 6 mg and once Quietiapine 50 mg, and I can take additional 50 mg of Quietiapine. I’m sleepy all the time, doctor refuses to lower dose of Risperidone, so I’m trapped in this situation.

I need to go asleep at 6 pm and take my night dose then or I won’t sleep at all. Said it to my psychologist that I can’t sleep in the night anymore, she made a stupid change of me getting 2 mg of Risperidone in the morning and 4 mg of it in the evening/night time. Before that it was 3 mg in the morning and 3 mg in the evening of Risperidone.

Don’t get fooled into taking too many APs. Because you might not get off them if docotor neglects your asking for lowering dose.

So should I be afraid of taking 3 ap or not?

Ask yourself, how much side effects are you getting? You should consult your psychiatrist for your question of whether you need to take 3 ap or not but if they give you 3 ap, it’s likely your illness is serious enough to warrant that.

We aren’t doctors so we can’t advice you but many of us relapsed and some of us can’t even be here anymore when we don’t take ap as prescribed

I take the max dose of Geodon and Seroquel together, and I’m fine. I thought the Seroquel wasn’t doing anything to me until I didn’t get it for five days. I was more jittery than I cared to be. Show your pdoc that you are willing to take med’s, and after a while he might allow you to reduce your AP doses.

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