Can going vegan give you better mental health?

Thoughts? Lifelong big meat eater considering veganism

maybe try to eat more veggies and fruit and grains and protein from other sources than meat and less meat and see how it works. keep us posted if you try it.


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Changed my mind, gonna try to go mostly vegan

let us know please how you feel on this diet etc. judy

i doubt that that would have an effect, maybe if you cut caffeine and some other stuff could help but i dont think just eating veg alone would affect your mental illness unless you were forcing yourself to eat veg then that could be detrimental to your health. but i am no expert.

I used to be vegan for about 10 years from 21 to 30, but I don’t think it affected the illness in any way.
I now eat meat, eggs and milk as everyone does, and I feel better about it.
I think it would be ok as long as you eat a balanced diet.

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Eating more veggie would surely be beneficial for your health…add on some meat to your meal with mostly veggie

I have sometimes thought that vegetable protein breaks down in the digestive system faster than animal protein. That could, conceivably, have an effect on brain function. I’m not a vegan, though. I like meat too much.

A surprising fact that I learned when thinking of going vegan is that beef cows don’t eat meat.

I myself avoid sugar,and artificial sweeteners, sodas etc… altogether.

I rarely eat beef, but stick with white meats - chicken mainly and I do eat veggies.

I think that a Balanced diet would be helpful - protein is important also - good sources would be beans and legumes, if you dont want to eat meat

I want so badly to go off on a tirade about this, instead, I will say… Animal protein is absolutely necessary for proper brain function.

I’m often a vegetarian when I cook, although sometimes I do have some fish dishes. From times in the past when I ate a meat rich diet I’d say it makes you feel a bit more mellow, less aggressive. That may carry on into some thinking habits which are unhealthy parts of mental health conditions, so I think it could make a difference. We are all different though, so I think it is worth trying and seeing if you notice a positive effect.

Just make sure you do properly support your brain with Omega 3 oils, vitamins, minerals and enough fats. That’s not inconsistent with a vegan diet but it does need a little research to see where you need supplements.

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Agreed, you’ll be much healthier eating meat than cutting it out completely. If you’re gonna cut anything out, cut out sugar/carbs… Nothing healthy about a vegan diet.

Youtube Denise Minger, she debunks the China study book by Campbell, which vegans use to prove their diet is healthy.

I believe in does help.
I would start slow, cut out meat, eat fish. Lot’s of fruit and veggies. Read on vegetarianism before you cut a major protein out of your diet.
Don’t just jump right into vegan.
Good luck

I’m not a vegan I’m a veggie and I still have mental health problems… its not to do with your diet…

Apparently the gut can affect the mind, there’s a lot of neurons in the gut. So potentially what you eat can affect your mental state.

My parents don’t buy non veg may be once a week or once a month or may be once every six months, I’m Hindu and I don’t mind eating beef. There are five or more important nutrients such as creatine available only for non veg eaters. Veg is good but non veg has its benefits.

There are good veg food and not so good veg foods

and lean meat is said to be good and it’s said beef and pork can cause heart problems

I must say milk and chicken eggs look like non veg and both have all the essential amino acids.

So milk if there is no allergy and eggs if no need to worry about cholesterol are very very necessary.

I must say eating meat is more like a privilege enjoyed by the rich and or resouceful.

I would eat non veg if I were you.

Also eat good veg and if I had money I would use

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Some of our ancestors said

you are what you eat

so there are good plant based products not just veg like cinnamon cloves etc

Sometimes I get delusions like…

Eating animals is like tasting blood and this turns or changes life into evil life and eating plant products can make life good and if life eats wrong plants it will make people evil

So simply put my delusions are

animal food - evil result - evil life

some plants - evil result

some plants - good life