Can childhood abuse cause psychosis to show earlier

I started hearing voices and seeing things when I was 9. I was also abused as a child for the two preceeding years.

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i bet early stress in childhood does affect it I got no proof but I’m 100 percent sure


Abuse can cause some strange things, especially if it’s done when young.

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Yes. I’m a living case.

I was born in Russia when it was the Soviet Union era, and it was legally allowed to beat your own child.

I do believe that stress as a child can cause psychotic behaviour like @anon74776424 said.

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When I was living in Korea, it was legal to beat students under pretence of ‘discipline’. But I don’t remember anything I did wrong? I just remember that they tortured me so badly and the students hated that I was a top student. I ended up getting a scar on my left knee because the kids spun me around.

11 years later, I still cannot escape the trauma.

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My hallucinations became terrifying with abuse.

I had hear of it too
and I hear that it also can be the trigger

I had childhood sexual abuse when I was 8 and my sz didn’t show up until I was 25. But my abuse now cause me problem. Nightmares and paranoia.

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many of us have abuse stories to tell maybe especially during our childhoods.

i don’t quite believe the ticket that states that sz has nothing to do with abuse.

i always thought that was taught to calm us down…


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