Calling crisis Centre

I can’t deal with the neighbors upstairs. I went to the kitchen and the sob called me a ■■■■ and followed me back to the bedroom. Should I call the cops

There’s no hell like the present hell

I’m so sorry you are going through this. I think something has to be done. Perhaps you should go to the hospital?

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Going to the hospital is not going to make them stop.

who is following you to your bedroom? Your neighbors?

What does your boyfriend think of it when you say that your neighbors are listening to you through the vents?

The upstairs neighbor follows me from room to room. He’s followed me to the living room now My bs says not to wirry

The neighbors come to your apartment?

No. They follo2 me arouNd I. Th it owns apt

perhaps it is time to go apartment hunting? Sounds creepy.

Did you call the crisis center? What did they say?


The crisis center told you to call the cops?

I’m in bed. It midnite

If I felt like it

Rest easy @roxanna. Things will be better tomorrow.

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Once I leave and never come back. It will be better

Sleep always makes things better.

Hey, I’m hoping we can maybe help each other… I currently live in an apartment above a woman who is scizophrenic, and I’m terrified that she must hate me! I’ve always wanted to tell her I also have these types of issues, and maybe ask for advice since I’m young and confused and haven’t had a convo with anyone else who suffers from the same stuff as me irl, (but I probably won’t ever because it could be really rude?) Anyways, I’ve been really paranoid that everyone can hear what I do in my apartment, so much so I tip toe everywhere, whisper, and get severe anxiety when my boyfriend or roommate are loud at all. I’ve been staying in my room all day and obsessing over what my neighbors think of me. For a while reading your posts, I was convinced that I was your shitty upstairs neighbor and I felt terrible that I was causing you so much stress!! however I talked myself out of it since I live in a small town in Canada, and I don’t think you do too. (You don’t right?) anyways maybe if we chat we can help each other realize that our neighbors probably don’t hate us, and try to coach each other through paranoia. Please feel free to message me if you’d like, no pressure.


No I’m in tx. Quasall

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Sorry Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this I was contemplating doing it or not… don’t want to bother you while you’re having a difficult time.

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