Buzzing hair - psychosis? Or just weird?

Is it normal for a woman to want to have very short hair? I love short hair and sometimes I crave to just buzz it all off. I’ve heard some say they’ve done this in psychosis. How do I know whether my craving to buzz my hair is due to my illness or my personality? Am I weird woman to want buzzed hair? Maybe I’m reckless. My husband will be horrified if I would do it because he likes long hair on women. I respect his opinion but sometimes I get manic craving to buzz it all off. I don’t show my hair it’s always under cap anyway due to my personal preference


I love my long hair, but just last night I was fantasizing about cutting it all off, like the buzz cut Natalie Portman is given in V for Vendetta. It’s more the lack of upkeep I crave. One less thing to worry over. Karen hairdos are a no for me tho.

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I always buzz my hair at 0 with Wahl clippers but thats bcz I have a bald spot at the back of my head :neutral_face:

Oh its a question for women lol

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I loved when I buzzed my hair short, but I’m nonbinary and liked the masc look. Was I having a psychotic break when I did it? Don’t remember. Do I regret it? No, but I’ve since grown it out

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