The girl in the sz app ad doesn't have a MI

I don’t know anybody with a MI who goes to that much trouble styling their hair…certainly I don’t. I’m lucky if I brush it.

We may all have mental illness but we are not all the same.

If you took a dozen schizophrenics, even concerned only with their illness, you’d find that while they may share some of the same symptoms, their illness can manifest in many different ways.

The idea of trying to lump us all together with regards to non-symptom likes, behavior, or outlook is just downright ridiculous.

I am so tired of seeing posts that try to portray us as some band of clones, all acting and believing the same thing.

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Awesome point! I was just referring to myself anyway. You see…I have a mental illness, so I don’t always get it right.

Another post I’ve written that appears, upon reflection, to be more harsh than intended. It’s nothing against you, I was just venting a bit.

I don’t do much with my hair either, once it gets to a point where I’d have to comb it, I get it cut off.

Always thought the girl in the sz add looked like an OCD librarian. What are mentally ill people supposed to look like anyways? :question:

Are you talking about the redhead?

Yes. That’s a lot of blow drying and curling to create that hairstyle!

I just meant that the redhead with the fancy hairstyle is a bit commercial…that’s all.

No worries! :slight_smile: You make an excellent point and it bugs me also to be stereotyped. I was just bored and trying to be funny.

Well they probably dolled her up for the photo shoot. You don’t think they would put someone with matted stringy hair and a glare do you?

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Hey…you know what I need? A wig!

I do. I go thru everything. Fresh fade nice smile hair gel. It makes me feel less sz? I know a woman with MI who is top of her hygiene takes her two hours to get it done but by that time she looks flawless. Tanned and everything Boob implants. Sz ppl have no image because anybody that looks human can have sz even poster men on men’s health

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You and your friend are awesome! :slight_smile: I wish I could do that!

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I wish there was a way to delete this thread.

I’m trying to get rid of my blue jean, Goodwill T shirts+ Sketcher sneaker look right now. Any tips?

Buy a wig tinker around. My friends hair grows reaally slow she told me she was going to buy a wig for like 95$ she wears extensions. Average to look at but when she does her self up lotions and everything all these dorky dudes try an talk her.

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I’m very sorry for having offended you.

You did not offend me. :smiley: :smile:

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