Butane hallucinations

I know this is very extremely stupid but I tried inhaling butane gas and I got my hallucinations,paranoia and delusions I normally used to get when I wasted on my meds.
Colours everywhere , me being out of my body and seeing so much different stuff and hearing things that are not there.
Butane gas heightens schizophrenic symptoms ,but the hallucinations weren’t all scary

Inhaling butane? Really man. I guess you were asking for it.

Inhaling butane…can’t be healthy.

But on a side note I’ve heard it said that the ancient Oracle of Delphi was all about the huffing of naturally occurring gasses emitted from the earth…it’s a theory anyway.

I huffed paint thinner and gasoline when I was in my heroin stage. That ■■■■ is not fun. I still cannot believe I did that.

Please dont inhale butane or any other chemical - If you value your brain cells, I really dont think its a good idea


Don’t you know huffing stuff could kill you? Don’t do that!!!

of course I knew that. I think I just didn’t care. lol


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I just do it because I feel my schizophrenia makes me who I am and because of my meds I don’t hallucinate etc, but on the gas I do so it’s kind of a remembering of myself, I don’t do it regulary,I will be careful.

that could cause brain damage and you could die.

i agree with this statement

I can’t say one way or the other… but I’m so glad I’ve never been that much in need of a high to inhale solvents or gas huff.

I’m glad your not doing that any more.