I s it possible to hallucinate the effects of a drug without ever taking any drugs?

Has anyone ever hallucinated the effects of a drug like a roofie without actually taken it? I ask because this happened to me like 5 or 6 times. My doctor told me this was a hallucination. I guess I’m either in denial about the whole situation and don’t want to come to terms with what happened or I should trust my doctor and take it as a hallucination. Well to start off I started college right after i got out of the hospital and was still hearing voices but no visual hallucinations up until that point. Anyway my father bought me a new computer and I started to watch pornography on my computer. After awhile I started getting ashamed and paranoid like everyone knew what I was doing and maybe even hacked into my computer and saw. Anyway one day I was in the computer lab at my school and a boy came up to me and was trying to talk to me. He told me his name was edwardo lamborghini. Which is a completely stupid and bogus name. Anyway he left and i was sitting in the computer lab by myself. A couple of minutes later I sensed someone behind me fiddling with my water. When I turned around the person ran away. Anyway a couple of hours later i forgot some one might have done something in my water bottle and drank it.(by the way I was on benzotropine which was making me forget and hallucinate.). While i was drinking Edwardo was sitting infront of me watching saying yes yes. Then he got up and asked me if we could have sex. he was groping my neck and i was afraid so I said yes not realizing what i had just done. Then he left again. A couple of hours later I found myself knocked out in a classroom with my pants down. I just put back on my pants i was very ashamed and confused so I went home. I continued going to school afterwards even though i knew I shouldn’t have. Anyway winter break came along and i think I was pregenant. Because during school i went to use the restroom and when I got off the toilet there was a pregnancy test glued to the toilet bowl that turned positive. Anyway I couldn’t get it off the toilet so I left it there and Edwardo Lamborghini came to my class. And said frantically to his friend that I was pregnant and his friend needed to get me something because it could be his baby too. During winter break I was at home alone one night and my sister’s noticed a car outside. The person kept circling around the neighborhood but they didn’t think anything of it and left me at home by myself. Anyway the people broke into the house. I locked my own door but did;n’t call the police. But the two people used a knife and got into my room and said I was stupid i could have called the police. Anyway the girl got one of my dad’s blood pressure pumpers from down stairs and handed me a cloudy liquid that was cold as ice and smelled of bleach. At first i told her no, but she told me I had to drink it and the boy grabbed my arm so i drank. Two hours later i started having severe cramps and started bleeding. All of a sudden the boy looked out the window and said someone was coming and so they left the same way they came out the back door. Anyway my sister’s came home and noticed the back door was opened and said she had to call the police. I told her not too because i didn’t want to go to jail. I thought they were going to lock me up because i was having an abortion. They were upset too because of what i did. But it wasn’t because i didn’t want the baby I was just scared of what those people were going to do to me if i didn’t. Any way I went back to school and i bled for a good week and spotted for about two weeks. After month i started watching pornography again to teach myself a lesson. i kept watching it and the two men kept drugging and rapping me. They even went so far as to draw up a sex slave contract and put $5 on the table when I would wake up from the rapes. Anyway I kept going to school and manage to finish the school year out with a’s and B’s. Don’t ask me how i did that while all of that was going on I guess i just poured myself into my work. Anyway I left that school, but had accidentally told someone that i was going to a new school and which one it was. Anyway as I was attended my new school i got sick and had to take a year off. Then I came back. I started watching pornography again and edwardo came back. He did the same thing he did each time he wants to rape me he asked me if we could have sex. And like always i was afraid and frustrate d so i would say yes. Any way his friend switched my medicine and next thing you know i passed out again in the library. I woke up and noticed my clothes weren’t arranged correctly. But I went home. While i was driving home and felt drunk and had to follow the lines and the backs of people’s cars to get home. Also I kept blacking out. It got so bad that I had to stop at a gas station to recuperate. While i was at the gas station a police man pulled up beside me and did nothing. He just followed me home. I got home and Edwardo lamborghini’s car was in my drive way. I went inside the house but nobody answered so then i just passed out on my bed. When I woke up my underwear was soaked and still no one was home. Anyway my doctor thinks this whole situation was a hallucination. But i distinctly remember how I felt while I was on the drugs, how I bled when I found myself cut up after one of the rapes, and i how scared I was. I also remember the nausea and voming and cramp s and contractions when I had my abortion which lasted a week. I remember being in a lot of pain emotionally and physically. I ask this question because I’m trying to see if this is real or not? Can you hallucinate being on drugs without actually taken them or was Edwardo Lamborghini actually doing this to me?

Hi @betty2020

Im so sorry for what you have been through, the bottom line is that I dont know whether or not what has happened to you is an hallucination or not but I think that the best thing for you to do is to trust your psychiatrist - if you get the right medication your symptoms will cure up a lot.

Im sorry for the pain you have suffered - good luck my friend in this crazy life.

All the best Kate xxx

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