Solvent abuse as a teen

i regret it but me and old mates used to sniff solvents in our teens, i remember going into a hallucination trip from it scared the life out of me, a huge wasp was stinging me i snapped out of it and found myself in nettle stingers, i never went near solvents after that

Ouch, I am lucky out of all the hallucinogenic drugs I have done I only saw things happening to people’s bodies and my own a few times. Once I thought I was vomiting and became all of the sudden that I wasn’t after letting out these ripper vomiting noises during my hospitalization I was admitted into hospital tripping at the age of 17. The other stuff I am finding hard to write about!!
It sucks hey?


i only read on the back of a solvent can 8year ago that it can kill instanly

Oh my god! I used use enhalents what exactly is solvents?


cans of air fresher and cans of body deodrants ,its says if inhaled they can kill instanly

Wow that’s exactly what we all used to enhale! Thanks for posting I would never have known I did it alo when I was 12, then again for a while after I was in a coma from a drug overdose, I still got that buzzing sensation in my head way after I actually used. It’s so bad for us I can’t believe that I did that once upon a time. Talk about being regretful sad and sorry.


id say solvent sniffing is deadly dangeriuos

i guess we were young and silly looking back

it lead me onto smoking hash and taking e no wonder i ended up with espisodes of psychosis i took too much crap

I use ammonia inhalants for powerlifting…makes you go berserk but doesnt make you hallucinate or get high…you crush a capsule and then sniff it and your eyes water and you are extremely stimulated for about 30 seconds

Many people are unaware that solvent abuse exists or think that it has ceased to be a problem. In the past decade, solvent abuse has killed more young people under the age of 15 than all illegal drugs combined.

If you or someone you know is misusing volatile substances there is an online site called ‘community for recovery’ where you can ask a question in relation to solvent abuse on their ‘live chat’ and there are facts and information.


I think it was not matter at ancient time because they
are so bored after hunting.
But It is problem in modern days, stress increase at
abusive level.