Lighter gas/Butane?

Hello everyone the whole purpose of this post is to ask you all diagnosed etc if you have ever tried inhaling lighter gas/butane and what effects it has had on you.
I have realised that people that have taken this who have not got schizophrenia or related disorders haven’t had as much effects as myself.
I have witnessed more powerful and more in general hallucinations,dallucinations and sometimes more activness of my voices.
So my question is have any of you tried lighter gas?
Have you had similar effects to myself?
What effects did you have?
Do you take it regulary?
And your opinions on this.

My opinion? I wouldn’t do it in a million years. My sisters first boyfriend use to sniff gasoline. Screwed him up badly.

In what way? And Gasoline is different I believe.




I would also not try it. The street children smell glue though. A long time ago I use to do a lot of spray painting and I diluted the paint with lacquer thinners. That thinners use to give me a hell of a headache.

Oh I see, after inhaling the lighter gas if I would do 2 cans of it then I would get a headache but any less my head would be fine @Fellowman

Butane huffing scares me. Wow, asphyxiation… depriving the body of oxygen… :cold_sweat:

A lot of your felt effects might be from lack of oxygen in the system and not actually a chemical high.

not a good idea…
take care

The buzz is from your brain cells dying. Did it once with paint and it was like tripping for a few minutes. But knowing people who did it a lot and could no long finish a sentence it scared me. Juvenile helped me some. It will gradually make you retarded.

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Hmm I see,I have done it quite a few times,because of my schizophrenia I have realised it made my hallucinations more powerful and more of them and sometimes being transported to different places like I did a lot when I was a child,my schizophrenia then was mostly hallucinations,delusions and being transported to different worlds/places,that’s probably a hallucination that but I strongly believe it’s something much more , I believe the being transported to different worlds is actually something special and unique only I or few people can achieve.

ive done it i wouldnt recommend it it cause brain damage i wasnt “the same” afterwards.

Sounds like you enjoy being psychotic. Other people here don’t take meds for the same reason. But remember you can always take a break with meds and if you want go back to being psychotic. I just spent two years talking to the voices partly out of boredom and curiosity. I’ve had enough of their crap I’m back to not talking to them. Especially because I have a job now and don’t want to mess it up.

No,I like the good hallucinations I can sometimes get and the good impacts that my voices sometimes cause.
It all makes me feel not alone while on it,quite happy.
Me having psychotic episodes and being psychotic absoloutley scares me quite a lot @Boris

Never butane but Ive done whippits a ton and ether, I know I have waaaay more intense experiences than many of my friends. And when I was a kid I would huff keyboard cleaner before I found mushrooms and acid. I think huffin butane sounds really bad for your body and in my opinion I think never doing it again would be a good idea. If you want to do any inhalant buying whippits from a sex shop is a much safer way to go.

What exactly is whippits?ive never actually heard of it @mcxmac

I’ve gotta say, that is a terrible, semi-retarded idea.

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They are little refill cartridges for whip cream dispensers. Its filled with something similar to nitrous that dentists use. it enhances sexual pleasure…and makes you trip out if you can lose yourself in em. I agree with @mortimermouse though not being mean obviously because I’ve huffed ether and keyboard cleaner. Just try and stay healthy! :slight_smile:

Sniff the bottom of your socks instead. :feet:

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Oh I see,someone did mention that too me, they said something about whipped cream but I never properly looked up about it, it’s fine I know it sounds like a stupid idea to do butane but since I’ve done it many times and to me it’s felt like all good effects I don’t feel like it effects me badly to be honest.
The whole purpose of this post is for other peoples opinions so I respect all yours even the one about the socks lol it made me laugh that one xD

I use to take it that’s what addiction does to u any thing to get high I’ve had the worst hullanations on them talking to the tele like it was police I’ve even passed out addiction is hard no1 want to do it no1 jus judge any1 cause addiction can happen to any1 that wants to escape reality even u are fighting ur demons reach out theres always a way I’m living prove xxx