Wellbutrin 💊💊💊

Who takes wellbutrin and what do you think? Weight loss? Increase in energy?

Increase in energy and agitation.


I took it as a stop smoking aid, well before I was diagnosed, and got suicidal ideation on it. But I think that’s an issue with me and antidepressants, because abilify acts as one @ 5mg, and I had suicidal ideation on that 5mg dose. I’m OK on 10mg where it acts as an antipsychotic.

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I tried it a few years ago and it did absolutely nothing, I talked to my doctor about it and he let me on to a little secret- it doesn’t work! Apparently it is well known in the medical community that it does nothing.

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Don’t listen to my advice on Wellbutrin. It was very harmful to me. Caused my two biggest psychotic episodes But I’m rapid cycling schizoaffective. So my reaction may be completely different then yours!!

I was on 100 x 2 a day for a long time, and I didn’t notice any effect from it. Then I was on 200 x 2 a day, and for a while I was getting pretty spooky on it, but that went away. I only notice an effect from this drug when they take me off it. Then I go through some rough depression.

I was talking to a friend today and she said she has been on Wellbrutrin for a while now and she has lost a lot of weight + she is doing a lot better. I don’t think she has a mental illness though. Maybe it works differently on us.

I just arranged an urgent appointment with my doc tomorrow at 12:00 am we need to find a solution tot his. Maybe change medication or take anti depressant. I need a solution.

I heard Wellbutrin is actually one of the less likely to cause psychosis antidepressants. Very stimulating, energizing, helps quit smoking. Which proves since I had a bad reaction to it that I CAN NOT take antidepressants by any means!!! What’s your current diagnosis sleepybug. I know you had DD when I first met you but maybe you’re dx sz now??? Szs can take Wellbutrin. But schizoaffectives gotta be careful! With them.

I am not sure… first it was delusional disorder, then hyper mania then schizoaffective…

I am not sure at all.

The antipsychotic in combination may allow you to take an antidepressant! If you use antidepressants as an adjunct medication!!! The two times I took Wellbutrin I was NOT on an antipsychotic and had psychotic breaks. But still even now that I’m on abilify 20 mg my pdoc wouldn’t risk an ad!

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I tried Zoloft for two days but didm’t like it. Let’s see what my doc would say tomorrow.

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I was on wellbutrin for a couple years in the past. It increased my energy levels and helped lose weight. I also experienced some negative side effects while on lamictal. It greatly increased the amount that I sweat, slightly increased anxiety and dramatically increased my libido. Not sure if the negative side effects were worth the benefits tbh.

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Wellbutrin has been okay for me so far. Started this first then added on lamictal and they got me out of the rough patch I was in. Not sure if it was the depression or wellbutrin that helped me lose weight but I’ve managed to keep it off, I’m definitely not as hungry as I used to be. My sex life improved dramatically. With the lessening of depression I had more energy couldn’t say wellbutrin gave me energy. Now I’m finding myself having all these feelings and emotions that I didn’t or couldn’t have while I was on zoloft and while I was in the midst of depression.

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Wellbutrin has been a life saver for me, literally actually, don’t think I’d be here if it didn’t work. I’d be shackled to my parents’ apartment and be taking 1 shower a week. Very lucky that it didn’t make me psychotic.

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this gives me a lot of hope… :o)

I will start taking it tomorrow morning and I have very good feeling about it. Fingers crossed!!! :o)

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Hey there,I’m new and wanted to ask what the difference was between skizofrenic and skizoaffective was? Thanks so much

my experience is that dose of 150mg and dose of 300mg are two different meds
on 150mg little more energy and things gets done a little easier
on 300mg thought blockade cant think and cant do ■■■■