Broccoli sprout extract. My summary

The good effects snuck up on me inch by inch so I wasn’t sure it was doing anything. Now my bottle has run out and so I can see what it was doing.

  • Anxiety and mild distress have returned
  • Appetite has increased. I’m finding it difficult to stick to my 1900 calories a day
  • Worrying has returmed
  • My desire to take L-theanine to cope has come back as a result

Ive ordered more bottles from iherb.


i just ordered 2 bottles from iherb. how much am i suppose to take per day?

2 tablets per day on waking.

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Can i replace my CLozapine with some broccoli sprouts?? :crazy_face:


Thanks :blush: 151515

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No-no you can replace with tomatoes only :relieved:


Curious if this can be taken with invega and how it would go along with amyloban 3399?

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I’m might try this stuff, but what exactly is it supposed to do for the brain?

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It is supposedly for antioxidant effects on glutamate.
I have low expectations but it’s cheap so what the heck I’ll try it

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Can I take it with L Theanine

I started taking l theanine too

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Yes. But I needed much less L-theanine while taking it.

Be careful taking it with beta alanine (if you take that). I experienced a pressure on my chest when I combined the two.


Tomorrow morning I’m going to the health food store to check if they have it. If they don’t, I’ll order from iHerb. Thanks


I was reading a study about this for schizophrenia, it said they took 2 capsules in the amount of 100 Micromoles.

I don’t know much about chemistry so I was scratching my head trying to figure out how many micrograms that is mcg or milligrams.

So I learned you need the molecular weight of the compound.

so the molecular weight of sulforaphane is - 177.29 daltons.
im not to sure what a dalton is but must be a measurement.

Then I read your suppose to divide the dalton measurement by the amount of micromoles.

so 177.29 / 100 = 1.7729 mg

so thats 1773 micro grams

Science people please let me know if thats right :smile:
@Azley did I convert it right?
sir scientific de level :test_tube:

hah… don’t trust my answer… but it looks like a dalton is counted similarly to Avagadro’s constant.

is giving me this for 177 daltons


which is .0000000000000002 ug


I’ve stopped taking it for now as I’m back on beta alanine. (If I take it with beta alanine I get a pressure in my chest).

How’s everyone else getting on with it ?

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I just started it, I’ll see how it goes

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I’ve been taking it for a few days. I do notice a decreased interest in food.


I’m back on the broccoli sprout bandwagon. I’m taking 1 pill instead of 2 with my beta alanine.

It takes the edge off the distress I sometimes feel and I’m not getting any pressure on my chest from just the 1 pill.

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Hmm… Looks like I’m getting some chest pressure even with one pill and beta alanine. So it’s a thumbs down for that combination. At least with abilify anyway.