Brain on Fire? and Binge Eating?

Hey friends,

I have a complaint which is whenever I’m in a stressful situation like studying or talking on the phone (business stuff), I feel like my brain overheats and I start to get cranky. Any reason why is that? Is it a side effect of cognitive deficit? Anti-psychotics?

Another thing I notice is shortly afterwards (after this stress), I tend to overeat or binge eat, which ruins my day and weight loss plan.

Any reason why is this happening and what’s the solution?

Thanks ahead

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Both happens to me too. The overheating I have no clue what I can do about it, I’ll keep following this thread to see some answers.

The binge eating is a psychological replacement, try kinds of nuts or those energy bars, they keep you full and are low on calories.

Thanks for your reply. What do u mean by “your metabolism is shot by binge eating”?

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Did a doctor tell you this? what’s the source for what you’re saying?

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I would say it’s better to ask a doctor or a dietitian about that, because I’m pretty sure as long as you’re eating frequently, you’re actually speeding your metabolism, not ruining it. You only gain weight when you eat above your maintenance/TDEE calories. If you’re binge eating but you remain below maintenance calories, you won’t gain weight. What matters is calories in vs. calories out.

Things you can do to speed up metabolism is build muscle/weight lift, do cardio, and drink enough water and green tea. Got anymore tips?

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Yes, when there is a cognitive decline, you tend to overeat/Binge.

This is obvious, the brain needs more Energy to keep up with the rate of thinking.

When you are having a higher brain cognition, even eating 1nce a day is good enough to carry for the day !.

Thanks for your reply. Is this cognitive decline related to schizophrenia? or do I have mental retardation or something?

I think your theory is completely wrong. If you work hard in the gym and eat right (at your BMR or below TDEE), you’ll lose weight. Period. I don’t think if you overeat, you’ll mess up your metabolism. Under eating, for a long time, will though.

If you have schizophrenia, then check for an anti-psychotic that causes minimal weight gain and doesn’t affect metabolism much.

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As far as I know, There is absolutely NO COGNITIVE DECLINE in Schizophrenia. The Cognitive Decline that you notice is associated with the Stress associated with the Illness. What happens is that during psychosis we tend to overfocus on the associated stuff then all of our brain facility is excessively on that thing. So you do not leave enough brain cells for other cognitive tasks. But when we relax we release those brain cells and the cognition is back to the original capacity.

With Meds its all together a different ball game.

Your body is probably an Endomorph which takes longer to lose fat than other body types (Mesomorph and Ectomorph). You have to work harder by nature to lose fat/weight. You should aim for 1 hour of cardio, while others can lose weight on 30 mins cardio. It doesn’t have to do anything with binge eating ruining your metabolism. It’s a matter of somatic body type. You easily gain weight and tough to lose weight.

Undereating on the other hand ruins your metabolism.

Great, so why I’m feeling like crap now or that I have ran for 10 kms without actually doing anything noteworthy? I also feel unmotivated to do anything like hit the gym or read a book.

@Americano, research a bit about neuroplasticity and schizophrenia. There are games and such one can do to overcome your issues.

are you on Meds?.

Yes I’m taking 5 mg Haloperidol and my diagnosis is Paranoid Schizophrenia. The last psychiatrist prescribed Apilify as well along with Haldol but I can’t tolerate its side effects (trembling, weight gain…etc)

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I’ve read about this on an app called Lumosity, and I’ve practicing it as much as I can, along with another app called Fit Brains. The point is right now I feel half of my head is on fire and my head is wrapped with a headache. So I can’t stand looking at the phone and playing now.