Eating fast

All of the guys i know that suffer from mental illness including myself eat their food very fast. I wonder if there are slow eaters with schizophrenia.

I never thought about it before, but I do eat faster then anyone around me. I used to think if I didn’t eat fast someone would mess with the food and put something in it that would make me sick. Now I just eat fast.

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Every time i try to eat slowly, i go back eating fast. I am as will the faster eater among my friends.

“if i was making something and i would turn my back sometimes someone would add stuff to my food…”

If it’s just my Dad and my kid sis in the house, I can still eat it, any one else, no. I can not seem to get my fork to my mouth. I’m getting better about that. My kid sis cooks a lot and I trust her. So I can eat what she cooks.

I also try to start slow, but then it just gets faster and faster.

When I’m alone I eat fast and like a pig. When other people are around I eat slow, trying to act normal and not draw attention to myself. Sometimes when I eat around other people I get paranoia and anxiety. I tend to hunch over my food and get tense.


I’m the slow one in my family. I can start first yet finish last. It takes time for your brain to register that your stomach is full so if you eat to fast then you can overeat. Thank you guys for this post however because I thought the eating fast had something to do with getting instant gratification from the food. I hadn’t looked at it from the perspective of thinking someone might interfere with it.

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When my head circus really came to town and started playing, everything tasted sort of metallic and never smelled good. I was also hyper-sensitive to spices or salt. The tiniest amount of salt over powered every flavor. I could tell I was getting ill, and for a while I was sure my brothers were putting things in my food to make me sicker. (to get me out of the way) I accused them of trying to poison me. The kid sis in her 5 year old wisdom, got me started on prepackaged baby food because it’s healthy, no chemicals and had three levels of safety tamper proof seals on it. But I felt that I could still eat and not be poisoned. Plus, it was bland. At the time, that was perfect.

I 'm a very slow eater, and tend to watch others as they eat, maybe waiting for them to drop dead first?
If I didn’t pour my glass of drink, which is rare, I will make the other person taste it first, then if they are still breathing after 15 minutes, I will drink it.
I never take my eyes off my food, or I wont finish it.

I am also a fast eater. I eat really fast when I’m alone. I try to eat slow when i eat with my kids to not make them stressed. But it’s hard and I have to think about it during the whole dinner.

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i eat pretty fast and i don’t think it is good for us, bad for digestion or something, we need to give our food time to settle before the next bite and i tend to over eat alot too which is something that i am working on just now.

i have been cutting down my portion sizes and drinking more water to try to help and also trying to eat more healthily too,

sandwiches are good, i have been eating more veg in sandwiches as the veg is less visible and its nice and cruchy so i dont think of it as a bad thing as much, i never use to eat veg but now i try and have it more, its good in curries and stir fries too and soup, my mum use to make homemade veg soup and it was lovely :smile:

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And one more thing, whenever i eat fast, my symptoms exacerbates until i fully digest the food witch takes about an hour or two. I am trying hard to eat slow but i go into thoughts and i forget that i need to slow down, by the time i remember i have already finished the food.

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I used to eat fast when I was a kid but now I eat slowly, when we have people over I’m the last one who’s still eating and pouring food on the table…I’m not fat though I just eat slowly, they think I’m eating a lot but some guests notice lol
there are people who don’t have sz do eat fast in a weird way ! I don’t think it’s related.

I’m all business when eating. Or maybe its my family. Not many words at the dinner table. Just wolfing down food and going back to the tv or laptop. There is suppose to be a etiquette when you eat. Eating slow savoring food and discussion. Not much discussion more like barbarians holding a big turkey leg. Cavemen noises. Even when visiting others to eat. It doesn’t slow down my chewing or swallowing mechanism. Food is not to be played with, just eat.

i eat slowly and certain foods , those that break down in my body quickly , have an immediate effect on my moods .
i try an avoid all sugar, or foods that turn into sugar quickly .
take care

Lol, i used to pride myself on eating fast but little did i know it was due to schizophrenia, i had the advantage at winning eating contests woth my cousins at the chinese buffet. Lol

Never made the link before. I’m a very fast eater, and I too feel like my symptoms get slightly worse until the food is digested. Also fast eating makes you put on weight, as it takes 20 minutes for your brain to catch up to the fact that you’re full.

I tend to be a fast eater as well as a fast drinker.

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