Brain on Fire? and Binge Eating?

I used to think I felt my neurons dying and it gave me headaches. Talk to your doctor about it, but my guess is that is going to pass. We have all kinds of different reactions to the illness and my theory is that some manifest in psysical stuff like headaches and other weirder things.

If it helps, since I was in university, it always took me longer than others to study the same material. My grades were good at the end and I graduated with honors. However, it always took me longer to study and I used to pull lots of all nighters. I still find difficulty with reading fast till today.

Do you think it’s an issue of focus, or do I have mental retardation?

cant say anything - Meds make the whole picture completely different.

If you are not taking Meds, then only I can know if anything is wrong.


thats quite normal. your reacting to stress. you get a typical reaction of the stressful situation. then you binge eat to cover up your stressful feeling.

you just have to work at reframing your attitude to the stressor and how you deal with it.

easier said then done yes I know.

being mentally ill is stressful in itself. so normal stressors tend to be bigger than they seem.

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Thanks for your reply and I’m happy to be part of the supportive community here.

May I ask why there’s a “bigger fire” in my brain than the past years? The only things I’ve done this year is stop smoking and coffee (I’ve stopped smoking completely and now have a black Americano occasionally). Maybe stopping nicotine and caffeine made me more vulnerable to stress?

I had to stop smoking anyway cause it’s bad for the whole body and your finances as well, and I’m moderating coffee to save money for other things.

Ah I also changed medication from Trifluperazine (Stellasil) to Haloperidol (Haldol).

im not sure but for myself in the past couple years my tolerance to stress has gotten worse. almost as if the illness has just been wearing me out. So I just try to adjust my attitude towards what is stressing me out and remind me that this normal stressful stuff goes on for many many people.

I deal with a lot of pain in my brain and to be completely honest it has slowly but surely decipated over the past three years. There are some moments where i am almost “pain-free”.

Hydrating with a lot of cool water was a solution I had to use when I felt my brain was imploding and I felt I was about to die of a stroke. I clearly have a mechanical brain issue that just needs time to recover - but I’d make sure to hydrate and keep a less acidic body - incorporate lots of fresh veggies or fruits into the diet and stay hydrated. Best “natural” method I could come up with.

OK thank you for your suggestion. How do you make the body less acidic?

I never binge ate until my mother got sick right before she died. Then I was anorexic/bulimic. I grew out of anorexia/bulimia…just became a binge eater… Is it possible your eating is connected to something else?

Life failures perhaps? A psychiatrist told me we usually eat a lot when we try to hide or “take in” something. So perhaps that’s the reason? I’m recovering however from my schizophrenia-induced failure and feeling better about myself. But I’m still binge eating and can’t go to the gym or go out in general.

More fresh fruits & vegetables, especially greens.

Bless your heart.

Lots of raw spinach makes your skin glow

I used to binge eat whole large pizzas from pizza hut etc. Now that I am doing low carb/low sugar, I don’t think I can do that, anymore :disappointed:

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I tend to overeat at dinner times, now I’m scared I’m going to get fat, but I can’t help myself at dinner times

@Kenforce. Mediterranean is the healthiest diet in the world.

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