I always used to think hey it will be OK

But what if it is not???

Death doesn’t have favourites!

I’m def sticking to my diet from now and getting an mri on my brain it’s making blood whooshing noises. Also

I dunno anyone who has binge eaten as much as me.
It’s pretty serious.

Also i need to talk to my sister bout this, I want her to understand I didn’t just binge eat for fun.

I think if you went to your gp about the noises you hear when you sleep, I think he would say an MRI would be a bit over-precautionary. Sorry if you are having problems @anon90843118, I used to not be able to admit it was ok for a long long time, I got over it eventually though. Mental illness is a hideous daemon.

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Don’t get too discouraged. I’ve never struggled with binge eating really, but I sympathize (if that helps). The strength of people that change there life and lose the weight is inspirational. I believe, personally, that due to the schizophrenia diagnosis we can either wimper in fear or become stronger. Seriously…if suddenly I didn’t have the sz dx ■■■■■…life would be a cake walk. So don’t be too hard on yourself, you have a lot to bear.

Also don’t freak out over the brain making ‘blood whooshing’ noises. My head space area thing makes sounds and I get sensations all the time that ‘feel’ like something bad is happening. I think it could be sz fking with us…but it’s always good to be sure! (just don’t stress over it)…

Good luck.

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Thing is,
That the whooshing noise is in time with my pulse by my neck.

I’ll get an mri hopefully they’ll let me.

It’s not when I sleep, I’m actually awake, just it is at night time cos that’s wen I lay my head down

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It’s going to be ok. You’ll get it checked out and you’ll address the issue and there’s still time to change you’re habits and it’s going to be ok. Whatever it is they’ll find out and it will be ok.

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