Boyfriend issue

My boyfriend today was talking about how the current dictator of North Korea is obese and doesn’t take care of himself so his sister takes over. I don’t really take care of myself and I feel like he was drawing a comparison to me over him. I feel like no one believes me that my boyfriend set me up to go to North Korea. I would kill myself but I’m too scared. I don’t know what to do. I feel like boyfriend is obsessed with girls taking care of themselves since he said this before that he likes girls who take care of themselves and I feel like he’s turning me into the dictator because I didn’t take care of myself. I’m a mess and this is really hurting me.

This is just a delusion sounds like you might profit from some medical help

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Hang in there, you’ll overcome your delusions eventually.

How could an American become a North Korean dictator?

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I don’t know. My boyfriend who I believe is the devil is setting me up I think. Even though the nurse said that North Koreans can’t enter America.

Your boyfriend isn’t the devil. I don’t think the devil can shape shift to look like a man.

The Pope said the devil is a person not a mist.

Saying religious garbage to her isn’t going to help


Well what will help?

I’m not sure. Some things that helped me have been thinking from the perspective of absurdism, you know instead of finding meaning in things like visions and religion you sort of see them as meaningless. It’s not hard to do, it’s like critical reasoning, but instead of questioning your belief, you make a sort of argument against it that makes it absurd, takes away its meaning. So for example regarding religion I say that religious beliefs are reductio absurdum arguments against themselves, for example “all seeing, and all knowing” it’s logical that a deity would require those abilities but taken to its extreme it’s ridiculous. So if you can make these kind of arguments, not just asking questions, but make arguments that not only render your delusion absurd, but the religious and political beliefs that they are based on you might see some improvement maybe.

Regarding what you said about ‘your boyfriend likes girls that take care of themselves’. You could argue that your boyfriend is your boyfriend because he likes you, and you don’t take care of yourself, so this type of argument would make what he said meaningless. He likes you, and contradicted himself by doing so.

I don’t exactly follow what you’re saying.

I’m just encouraging you to get into the habit of making arguments, by seeing the contradictions, or ridiculousness or irony of what someone said.

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Ok got it.


So what do you think is kinda ridiculous about the delusion that your boyfriend is the devil?

The devil might not even exist so it’s absurd in believing in something that isn’t real.

Ya that’s a big one.

But regarding that you said ‘might’ not exist rather than does not exist, if you could make an argument to yourself that would reasonably convince you that the devil does not exist, what could you say?

I would make the argument that the devil does not exist because I don’t believe the story that people go to hell when they die.

I want to but I had a priest professor that said my writing was of “silence” presence of God so then I wonder…