Bought some supplements at the health food store

guess what I got?

ok cant guess, I will tell you. saw palmetto pills, for my hair loss and prostate. stinging nettle root, for my hair loss and prostate. and a 4 month supply of green tea, for my hair loss and prostate.

I still need to get some oils for my hair, I’ve been researching and decided I would put in my hair everyday a mixture of jojoba oil as a carrier oil, rosemary, to prevent hair loss, cedarwood, to help circulation, and peppermint, to keep it clean.


Hair transplants are so expensive.

I would have plastic surgery if I could afford it but I am having Botox between my eyebrows in a few days is the plan.i can afford that.only just.

I hope you enjoy your new products.
Jojoba oil may feel and smell nice and healthy green tea etc

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You are what you are. Hair loss is genetic. The best thing you can do is change your opinion about it.

I know it is hard when you are younger keeping up to societal pressures, but there is only so much you can do. Acceptance is a virtue.


I agree with that. but my hair loss has slowed. I think I can keep what’s left of it til im 40, then shave it off.

in fact im hoping I lose more hair in my 40’s so I will look decent with a shaved head, my head shape is ok, head is not too big, so I look decent with a shaved head. just going to trying to keep my hair for the next 5 years or so.

I would recommend omega 3s for the brain.

How much is your botox? Maybe I should look into it.

I pay $300 Australian dollars for the wrinkles between the eyebrows.

It’s to be done every three four months so it is expensive maintenance.

It makes me look less grumpy and it does help.

Not sure what I will do when more areas are needed because I can’t afford it.

I was going to grow old naturally but changed my mind and had Botox about one and a half years ago or so.

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LS! I buy supplements every month from iHerb.
Every day I take:
Vegan omega 3 DHA 500 milligram
Now Foods Grape Seed two times 100 milligram
Vitamin B12 one milligram
Celery Seed three times 600 milligram
Doctor’s Best Gingko Biloba 120 milligram
Healthy Origins Vegan Astaxanthin 4 milligram
Solgar Magnesium Citrate 200 milligram
Now Foods NAC 600 milligram
Solgar VM 75 multivitamin
Doctor’s Best CoQ10 100 milligram
Healthy Origins Vitamin K2 MK7 100 milligram
Solgar Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 1000 milligram
Now Foods L-Carnosine two times 500 milligram
Lithium 400 microgram
Solgar Choline/Inositol 250 milligram
Now Foods Borage Oil 1000 milligram
Solgar Rhodiola Root Extract 250 milligram
Now Foods Willow Bark Extract 400 milligram
Solgar Reishi Shiitake Maitake Mushroom Extract one daily
Solgar Wild Oregano Oil one daily
Now Foods Red Palm Tocotrienols 50 milligram
Now Foods Cat’s Claw 500 milligram
Now Foods Panax Ginseng 500 milligram
Passionflower 300 milligram
Probably that is too much supplements…


What do you use ginseng for?

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LS! Hi Butterfly! I use Ginseng for anti aging, it extends the life of men. It works as an adaptogen and helps reducing stress.


I used to eat maca, that one is an adaptogen too…

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I tried maca once, I don’t get into supplements like I used to, but thought this was worth a try.

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Did u feel any differently eating it

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not really, it kind of went to waste. I only used it for a week and then it sat on the shelf. sometimes I lack discipline or its just the negatives where I finally get to buying something and then don’t actually take it long enough. sometimes it seems like a chore to stick with it. that’s a big reason why I don’t typically buy supplements anymore, that and im no longer as into natural cures likes I used to be. in the past I always wanted to go the natural route.

at the moment I’ve decided that im going to stick with this regimen for 8 months to see how it takes. it took about 8 months for me to start feeling the affect of the Invega. so I guess it just takes time.

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I felt slightly more energetic on maca. I was having it every day in my porridge.

Good luck with your regimen @Lifer hope it is effective for you.

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thanks. will see how it goes.

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That’s an insane amount of supplements!

Are you a vegan?

I am recently a vegan.

Since you take vegan supplements…

Sounds like good supplements you take but sounds too expensive for me.

I want to buy b12, vegan calcium and vegan omega 3.

Cool. Let us know how it goes.

LS! Yes Sir Level! It sets me back 200 euros a month. But I feel great.

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