Boost Intelligence

I could barely complete a sentence a couple of years ago. I think watching TV has helped me. Reading has helped. Communicating has helped.

Intelligence wise a couple years ago on a scale of 1 to 10 I probably was a 3. Right now I’m probably a 6. I really want to boost that number.

Any secrets?

The reason I lost intelligence in the first place is that I got off my meds for a year. Basically I acted like I had rabies. Got back on meds and I couldn’t comprehend anything or complete a sentence. Also I was hearing voices. Every day I get a little better.


I boosted my IQ from 80 (almost retarded) to 109 (within normal) by doing the following things:

Eat nutritiously
Exercise daily
Sleep 8-9 hours a night
Learning something new everyday
Socializing everyday
Reading everyday
Taking nootropic meds
Mindfulness meditation twice daily


Which nootropics do you take?

I take a brand called Cognitex Basics. This company has a team of MD’s on it’s board of directors so, I trust it more than the others.

Oh I just looked it up. It has phosphatidyl serine and alpha gpc. I am currently taking it. It’s really good stuff.

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Yes it is. I agree.

I’ve been eating a lot of eggs and that seems to help with my acetylcholine levels.

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I think getting off meds damaged my brain a little. I also drank cleaning solution, so that couldn’t of helped. What best helps with that?

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I drink over 2 gallons over water a day. Thank @anon1571434

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I think NAC will really help.

The smartest I ever was on a scale of 1-10 was probably a 7 or and 7.5. So I’m really close . If I could get to a 10 I would be extremely happy. The 10 being the max of my full potential.

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Read everyday if you’re able too! Reading helped me tremendously with my vocabulary. Read harder books as you go along. Maybe some classic English literature. Or you can always find translated books from other languages in the library.

There’s even websites online that help you increase your words read per minute. They flash at you one word at a time increasingly getting faster. Now I’m a super quick reader and I still can absorb all the information I’ve read.

Debate with others about current events, ethics, whatever

Maybe learn about philosophy? Or something you’re interested in. Could be science could be music.

For university lectures you are allowed to sit in on them for free. You don’t get a degree but you get knowledge that usually you’d have to pay for.

Being artistically creative always helps. Even if you hate it, pushing yourself to do that can help you. You don’t need to show anyone, and if you don’t like it you can throw it away.

But try and create something that’s your own like painting or poetry or cutting out magazines and making collages or making things out of clay.

Always have an open mind and be willing to change your opinion.

Try and debate others if you can. It helps all my friends are politically active so we almost always talk exclusively about what’s going on in the world.

Think outside the box. There is a lot of stuff people choose to believe because they’re told to. Understand that you were probably lied to quite a lot in school. Find your own methods of gaining information, whether that’s a friend, colleague, mentor or news site.

If you’re thinking about something and you don’t know the answer, google it! It’s fast and then you know for future reference.

Learn a language if you have the motivation! It’s useful in life, could help you get a job, and also you can make more friends once you learn other languages. Friends you wouldn’t make without knowing their mother tongue.

Some freaks would say do some math equations but I would never do that because I love myself and value my sanity, lol. Math gives me panic attacks.

Just remember that IQ smart is not necessarily equal to smart smart. Standardized testing is ■■■■■■■■. If you come from the west I should tell you that in school they prepare you to be a good test taker. Not use real life knowledge that would help you. They see you as a number instead of a valued human being.


I once signed up for a college Algebra course because I just felt like doing math equations. It was a fun class. But, I got really super anxious during the quizzes and the tests and because of that I couldn’t pass them.


I’m sorry about that! I too cannot take tests, I get much to anxious and freeze up. Even in highschool I refused to do any exams or tests.

They (my highschool) knew of my learning disabilities though so they were nice about it.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve heard a lot of people aren’t able to test well, even though they are intelligent.


I have the same problem with piano performance. I can’t perform for an audience. The only person I seem to be able to perform for is my piano teacher. I get much too anxious.

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Educating yourself is important

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Believe this or not… Eating Tuna helps the brain. But ultimately reading will encourage intelligence


Good job, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


I think this is why NAC will help me. I just tried it and so far so good.

Brain injuries can be caused by drug overdoses, cerebral ischemia (not enough blood flow to the brain), brain trauma, or other reasons.

Brain injuries can cause loss of cognitive function and memory [R].

NAC can act to help recover from these incidences and can help subjects regain their memory and cognition [R].


Learning anything on a daily basis helps.

Learning increases activity between brain cells. This in turn strengths the connection between them.

Hallucinations are the result of electrical/chemical “shorts” in the brain. It is damage that for what ever reason, happens.

The medicine is important. Keeping active reading, learning and such has probably been a bigger part of your recover than you know.

Keep going!