Intellligence lost with sz

My ability to remember is reduced. Sometimes I forget a key word when talking. Sometimes I forget what I was talking about. I can not follow plot on TV or in books. There are other examples.
Most distressing, I lose insight. I refuse to listen to reason. I think I am completely correct when I actually am sick with delusions. Also, I am anti-rationality. I see no paths forward from academia. There is little hope to come to terms with reason. No amount of talk therapy works. The only hope, currently, is to take a strong anti-psychotic med.


My intelligence has definitely decreased.

It seems a bit more complicated.

Still can access it, but my relationship with my mind is very difficult to navigate sometimes.

I need to be alone a lot to keep settled. Too much interaction with others can really tie me up in knots.

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As anti psychotic drugs are proven to deplete vitamins and minerals I recommend supplementing with at least a multi vitamin and multi mineral.

I started supplementing a few years ago and feel that I have regained mental clarity. Not over the night mind you, but gradually.


I feel your pain. I also notice rather serious cognitive decline in my being. I have similar symptoms to you. I heard that Gingko Biloba can help with some cognitive function when taken over a long period. I haven’t tried it yet though.

Are you a professor?

Pretty sure my meds and sz reduced my intelligence.

How long would you say?

I have been taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for about 2 months, and I just started a Vitamin B Complex.

Not sure what difference it will make, but I’d be interested to hear your experiences as this is the first time I have tried this.


I think most might feel a difference after a couple of weeks up to a couple of months. It is usually very subtle though. Like for instance you might possibly feel a bit more energetic or be able to concentrate or read for longer periods before getting tired, or maybe have a bit better physical feeling in your body.


Thanks @Mr_Hope

Happy new year!

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I still have the same intelligence. I was reading my Facebook posts when I was psychotic and it seems I’m smarter on meds haha

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I am insane without meds so yeah I am smarter on meds but much dumber than before my 1st psychosis.

I remember doing ecstasy and my memory never recovered that’s some dangerous stuff I only took it like 10 ish times too I think

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I don’t have negative symptoms just trouble concentrating and a bad memory

I remember from another thread that you were on the same medication as me (zyprexa). I’m interested in knowing more about the depletion of vitamins/minerals-thing. Do you happen to know specifically which vitamins/minerals antipsychotics deplete? Do you have any links to articles etc?

it’s hard to move forward and cope and not be really depressed when you lost 20 iq points or so due to sz/sza.

I’m getting dumber by the year.

Here is a pretty good link. It doesen’t deal with nutrition depletion as such, but a lot of the supplments mentioned in it are said to reduce symptoms of schizoprenia. Many of them do so because it counters drug induced nutrition depletion like the vitamins and amino acids that are mentioned. I wouldn’t try all of them, but maybe select a few and see if they help you.

Most relevant may be: B-vitamins, C-vitamin, D-vitamin, Q10 and amino acids(if you eat little lean meat)

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A quack.

It might be age related. I am now fifty years old and my memory is slowly going. I’m not worried, it’s a very gradual process. People with our illness find new ways of thinking, making different neural networks never created before. That’s how new genres of music are invented. I try to read a little each day, not much these days. I practice guitar every day and it does take a Lot of practice. I have always heard of famous writers who wrote up till practically the day they died, and they were very old.

I think I wrote that post back in December when I was starting to get into my illness of delusions. I am not losing a lot of intelligence now.