Body work - experiences?

Did anybody do any type of body work (if that is what healing work with the body is called in english)? Massage therapy? Or yoga or so?

I think - careful - body work would be good. In the past dancing was good for me. It forced me to be inside my body, be good to it, enjoy it, own it, let go of tension.

Any experiences?

I do acupuncture, which involves some body work. I used to do yoga every day, but I fell out of the habit. It was very helpful.

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A, nice! I didnt know acupuncture involved body work. What type of yoga? I know they have very gentle, calm yoga here nearby. Being kind and gentle to my body for once seems like a good idea.

Hatha yoga is generally pretty mild and most of the poses are accessible.

I will see what they have, i think that one is pretty common around here.

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I get a massage, it helps a lot, but the cost can add up and I do some yoga at home , have a couple of DVD’s I follow

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When I was on the ward some trained staff did Indian head massage. Was so good - better than a benzo

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Nice that you two are enjoying massages.

I think massage therapy would be good for me too, but it would have to start very very carefully. Perhaps by someone specialized in healing work. Im scared of people touching me and dissociate. It would be good if i learned to trust someone and learn to enjoy being touched without leaving my body or getting tense.

Body work to me means fixing and repairing damage to cars and trucks. And then priming and painting them.

I would consider what you are talking about health and beauty.

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