Blood Test

I was given Abilify 5mg to help reduce prolactin levels.

When they tested me 1 month after starting treatment, they’d actually gone up 10%!

Now it has been about 6 months.

If it’s still high, I will be coming off it. One less tablet for me! (Yay!)

However, if it is a lot lower, it’s a win still and I keep taking it.

It has been determined that the risk of the high prolactin is worth the benefit for the treatment of my symptoms. I was not included in that decision process…

Just have to put up with it I guess!


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Hopefully it goes lower :crossed_fingers:

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I am a bit conflicted.

Will post the result here and let you know if it goes lower or higher.

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@clinic or @Aziz or @naturallycured

Sorry to bother you all, but I swear one of you posted an article that showed Aripiprazole lowered prolactin in Risperidone patients, but not Amisulpride.

Could you share the article here?

Sorry I tried to find it

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I’m on abilify myself, and my prolactin even went up too… Weird isn’t it.

But it didn’t go up like extreme just a bit above normal.

Though I’m due a blood test since November.

So… Well see.

Good luck though I really think it would be great if your prolactin lowers. Imo.

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Its not me, maybe @clinic

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I found this using Google:


To summarize, we could document the lack of an expected decrease of serum prolactin levels by aripiprazole in the combination with amisulpride. A possible explanation may be found in the fact that amisulpride as a hydrophilic ‘ atypical ’ antipsychotic preferentially blocks tubero-infundibular dopamine D2 receptors that are outside the blood–brain barrier. Therefore, higher doses of antipsychotic agent are needed to reach antipsychotic effects. Consequently, although aripiprazole has a higher affinity for dopa- mine D2 receptors it is not able to occupy enough tubero-infundibular dopamine D2 receptors to lower amisulpride-induced hyperprolactinaemia.

@Aziz I think this was it.

I cannot however share this one with my doctor as it’s dated 2006.

Will try and find another more recent study I think.

Thanks for sharing - I have the search terms I need now to research


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Lol this is like a foreign language

I understand the gist of it, but I know absolutely nothing about brain chemistry!

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I found it in my bookmarks, there you go

Adjunctive aripiprazole treatment reversed effectively hyperprolactinemia induced by risperidone, but was less effective for that induced by benzamide antipsychotics. [1]

Just to clarify, benzamide antipsychotic means = amisulpride or sulpride

[1] Differential add-on effects of aripiprazole in resolving hyperprolactinemia induced by risperidone in comparison to benzamide antipsychotics - PubMed

Right now im on clozapine 50mg and amisulpride 200mg. Doing fine, my prolactin is high but not super high

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Thanks @clinic appreciate that!