Prolactin levels

Would you change med if your prolactin was measuring at 1346 mu/ L?

Do you know the normal range?

I am struggling to find an answer online.

According to one site it’s 3x the usual level

I have a psychiatrist looking at it and will hopefully hear back soon

I am worried as Amisulpride has been a good med for me


I just had to change medication because my prolactin levels were high. I switched to aripiprazole. I have been a little unsteady during the switch and don’t find it yet as helpful as paliperidone.

You can add a low dose of aripiprazole to lower prolactin. But for me that didn’t work.

I tried Aripiprazole and it didn’t work for me unfortunately.

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Too bad because Abilify lowered my prolactin level just by adding it on a little. I the same problem. My levels were really high and pdoc didn’t want it causing issues


I had elevated prolactin levels taking Invega to where I was actually lactating. I found it highly uncomfortable and made the switch back to Geodon.

I don’t think we have Geodon here in England.

There are very few antipsychotics that are available here that I have not been on before


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Yeah I jut looked it up and I guess it’s not. That’s weird though it’s a great drug and it’s been around for a while and it’s very low side effect profile is enticing.

I think the price is important here for public health

@FadeToBlack as far as I’m aware it’s very low cost as they have the generic form of it for quite some time now. I was paying only $18 a month for my prescription when I had no insurance.

I don’t see any reason we can’t have it here.

We can only take drugs that are approved by our national medical board.

That’s weird that it’s not approved there. I’m sorry you don’t have access to it!

Prolactin update

It was actually higher when I got tested in July 2019 and nobody told me.

So it seems to be naturally going down

I have a blood test in two months to confirm this is still the case.

I am also getting an emergency psych appointment! Yay!


Yea I had to stop amisulpride since it shot my prolactin even higher than risperidone.

Do you have on good authority what the normal level should be?

I was hoping you’d post @clinic as i remember you have had experience with this problem before from your previous threads

Yes i have my past blood report data right here. But its in ng/ml. I dont know mu/L

Normal levels are between (2 -17) ng/ml

I switched from Invega to Latuda because my prolactin levels were in the 900’s.
It seems fine now, and I’ve lost weight and am more stable, and at the same time more responsive and lively than before

Ah ok no worries. The pdoc wants a retest in 2 months but I do have an emergency appointment soon so I will raise it then too

thanks for looking