Anyone with high prolactin?

My prolactin levels are around 400 and my doctor says it is way too high for risperidone intake
Does taking abilify help reduce the levels from 400. As I dont want to take carbergoline or bromocriptine to reduce the levels ?

yeah, risperdal is a big a culprit in that

I switched to Invega

my breasts were leaking

not sure the verdict on that if it’s a cancer risk.

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Does invega reduce the prolactin levels to lower levels ?

I had high prolactin on risperidone too, I actually started lactating. My prescriber took me off it immediately because she said it was a huge breast cancer risk. Later I mentioned it to my current pdoc because I was considering going back on it since it worked so well and he said there were ways to keep my prolactin lowered but he’d rather not mess with it again.

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I had high prolactin on amisulpride.

High enough to mostly stop my period.

I don’t have a period and my breasts leak. Perhaps I should tell my doctor ? I am going to call them up today I think and tell them

I’m having an annual physical in a couple of weeks and they are taking blood. Perhaps that will say what the prolactin is.

For what it’s worth 4 years of seroquel and my prolactin test last month was 4.2 ng/mL.

it seems to have worked by switching to Invega

and it’s a sister pill too, so if you handled risperdal, then you should be fine on Invega.

@Daze my insurance is not covering invega , can I go for ziprasidone(Geodon)
Can any one take Geodon to avoid risperidone induced high prolactin

This is a shiit med i must say !!

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I guess I should have corrected that

I’m taking Paliperidone, or generic Invega

Almost all my meds are generic
and I think that’s for insurance reasons too.

@Daze My insurance says even for paliperidone its going to cost 600$ for 30 days .
Planning to take ziprasidone(Geodon) .Any input regarding this medication

wow, I had no idea. I’m on Medicare, so my copays are under 30 dollars a month for all my meds.

My friend Jason takes Geodon for bipolar. That’s about all I know about it.

So I’m in the same spot – I lactate on pretty much every med, especially the Haldol I’m on right now. BUT my doc did the Abilify thing, he gave me 5 mg of Abilify and it seems to have stopped for now.


My prolactin level was measured at around 340 a few months ago. My GP said not to worry about it as it only starts to get dangerous at around the 3,000 level.

@NutsAboutU Is your prolactin 340 ng/ml?

I’m not sure what the scale was.

Typical prolactin levels per antipsychotic, scale not given.

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ng/mL is standard for prolactin tests. I’d assume that’s what anyone’s is.