Bipolar and not sleeping

I think its more common for people with Bipolar disorder to be able not to sleep vs. schizophrenia. I was able to go for about four days without sleeping while unmedicated. When I am doing better I think I dont need meds, its also a symtom of bipolar disorder…I think my Bipolar gives me super-powers…because mania feels like a Gift its heightened energies and awareness…

I believed i was fighting a spiritual war other beings until I realized that I was fighting a spiritual war with myself. Something carl jung called the shadow…I would like to learn how to conquer it…but am scared to go much deeper…I didnt realize I needed sleep. I finally took the medication. Im exhausted even 24 hours later I still feel exhausted from all the manic thoughts I was having…

I could have an episode and no one would notice.


Thank God I’m medicated

My best friend is bipolar but she’s in denial and thinks no one can tell because it’s not real. But I see her mood changes and reckless behavior. It’s more noticeable than you think


Makes sense with mania.
Im SZ but suffer from insomnia.


Im medicated but Im struggling to take them. I am supposed to take 25mgs Topamax twice a day, 25mgs Hydroxizine 1x a day, 25mgs Eliquis 2x a day and Abilify 1x a day…

I have only been taking Abilify 1x a day and for a week I wasnt taking anything and not sleeping…Im debating whether I should go inpatient so that I can start taking medications regularly but am concerned about the covid outbreak.

Can you telephone your doc to about your med compliance difficulty?

I can try…its really hard to get any direct communication to him. My next appointment isn’t for a month. Its possible he will return a phone call though if I leave a message…

and I need to be here for my mom, she is in a wheelchair now. so I have to be here in case she needs me for making meals or something happens.

I used to have a sleep issue but I started light therapy like 2 years ago. It keeps my circadian rhythm regular. I still have tendency to oversleep though but atleast I can sleep.


I hope you do get a hold of your doc. I only see my docs through telephone or video now.
But if you can, just cause you started the conversation: Take your meds right now to start.

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Last several weeks, I’ve been sleeping great. Nine to ten hours every night. But tonight, I’m not sleeping for some unknown reason. It’s now 3 am and no sleep yet.

I just took a 0.5 mg tab of Klonipin. I will soon take my am meds that include Geodon. Those will all knock me out.


I have sza disorder bi polar type. I have a serious sleep disorder. My ability to sleep comes and goes. I hate it, it’s debilitating. I can always sleep in the day. Sleep medicine sucks. I think I’m quitting my 2.5 mg zyprexa for sleep because I’m sleepy the next day. My mania is under control with Latuda. I once went 48 hours without sleep, was very positive and intellectually productive and did nothing inappropriate. I was simply excited about life and not bored a bit. I know though intellectually going without sleep that long can have dire consequences.

I have the same issue. Recent diagnosis I believe fits is bipolar with psychotic features. I am able to sleep a bit, but I constantly wake up in the middle of the night. It’s really frustrating. Im the past I was quite the opposite- oversleeping, I don’t know which is worse tbh

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