Insomnia or maybe a hypomanic episode

The last two days i have been sleeping 5 hours in total.
Maybe i should call the Pdoc to get something that knocks me out (benzo don’t work, neither 2.5 mg olanzapine)

Maybe not. In fact im feeling terrific. But maybe too terrific. Hypomanic and agitated. Even when i try to sleep for an hour or two it’s a very light sleep.

My insomnia was triggered by a short relapse to moderate alcohol intake in combination with the full moon, i stopped again completely a couple of days ago…

You might be bipolar after all. I can relate to the sleep issues, I’ve been sleeping ever less and less. Including my afternoon nap I only get around 5 hours of sleep every day. The other night I only got 2 hours sleep. This has never happened to me before.

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Yes, i was once diagnosed schizoaffective. This time, i have to admit, it was triggered, partly by the full moon, and … ahmmn … the kind of “medicine” Thomas De Quincey, the romantic author, and Edgar Allan Poe, took against his toothache, if you know what i mean.

I don’t think you are schizophrenic @seksoempirico . You have no delusions or typical thought disorder.

I don’t mind my hypomanic episodes, i don’t do foolish things or buy stupid stuff. But i hate my depressive moodswings.

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By the way - i really enjoy being sober. The body feels alive again, the brain is not foggy anymore.

I agree I don’t have delusions, but lots of people here and my own doctors believe I do.

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