Big picture speculations

I notice things a lot. Im observant. So here is a random theory: about the double slit experiment where matter becomes either a wave or a particle if its being observed.

If dark energy was a wave
and real energy were a particle
then does that mean we live in a world with super-imposed matter…would that mean that earth is one earth, but split between superimposed and grossly defined …

wow…what if the real wave was acutally just water…and we were all water…

like floating waves of energy and particles assuming to be things that we think…

at what point does subjective reality or belief make way for something important…like a definition of some kind of humanity…i feel like if science had a goal, what would it be if not to enhance life or some definition of it?


What really busted my bubble was the theory that matter was created and destroyed and then put back together at near infinite times a second.


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I’m not big on quantum physics but this sounds like a thought experiment that would have already been considered. Also, the double slit experiment is about light/photons (not matter).

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I used to be obsessed with theories for quantum physics.

Now a days my motivation for it has gone down the drain.

Though I do indeed find it all fascinating to speculate on this.

Likewise with the non local theory in quantum physics. It’s sort of interesting

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