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Yeah particle wave duality is pretty trippy.

So that’s why certain things can only be seen by me when not looking directly at them-thus being labeled a hallucination rather than truth when observed by another, especially a non believer, looking directly FOR them.

The double slit experiment was one of the first experiments I’ve heard about when I started learning quantum physics. It does seem very strange, especially that last part about how simply watching it changes its behavior.

The thing is, they don’t tell you everything that actually happens in that experiment. You can’t really ‘look at’ an electron. You can only measure it by interacting with it. The problem is, once you interact with it you collapse the wave function, so that is why it appears as particles when observed.

I have developed my own theory about the wave part, though I can’t exactly explain its ‘waviness’. Electrons move FAST, like close to the speed of light fast. So that means its point of view of space-time is EXTREMELY different from our view of space time. It would see the world as being significantly smaller which means that the electron would appear bigger to us. Since we can only measure an electron by collapsing its wave function, we can never ‘see’ it in its massive size because the instant we measure it, it instantly becomes smaller. This would explain why the electron seems to be everywhere at once, because it IS everywhere at once. It’s like saying a golf ball is everywhere inside its own volume. There’s a LOT of details I haven’t worked out yet though.

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matter is energy
energy is intelligence
there go the ( intelligent energy ) wanted to show you ( humans ) that your physics is limited, because you can not think outside the box.
i learnt this in my elementary sith schooling.
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I will have to learn more about this. Maybe they have some text books at the library. It is really interesting. It sounds very complicated! I hope I can understand it. But it sounds like other people are having a tough time wrapping their heads around it to, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

I learned this from accessing both sides of the Force, and intelligent energy and/or particles will behave differently as with intelligence, proving an intelligent design in all matter, waves, and energies.
they also are unable to observe extra-dimensional realities where certain energies can access leaving parts of their behavior unobservable, and only observable to the mind with the ability to perceive the extra dimensions.

You can toss energy or even an idea through a solid wall with no observable effect and that energy or idea can travel to a point 1000 miles away and manifest as an observable entity, and even at times interact with physical 3D objects… -Elemental magic & Metaphysics 201

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i concur grasshopper.
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WOW!.. Thanks.

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