Beta Alanine - A better route to L-carnosine?


Apparently this is the “in thing” for increasing L-carnosine levels in your body.

It converts into L-carnosine in the body.

I had really bad luck with straight L-carnosine even though the research says it helps schizophrenia.

I’m going to try this route to L-carnosine instead. I’ve ordered the product above as it’s the lowest strength per capsule that I could find.

I’ll report back.



It seems to be good for negative symptoms. I’m taking sarcosine for 2 weeks and a half and I think my mood got 10% better.

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That’s why I’m trying this. L-carnosine itself did make a positive difference including helping my mood for a few weeks before things went south and I couldn’t tolerate it.



Beta Alanine is just about the best preworkout supplement you can get but expect serious levels of the tingleys and energy for miles