Best Med/Supplement for negative/cognitive symptoms

My positive symptoms aren’t as prominent as my negative and cognitive symptoms to warrant some of the side effects of many antipsychotics. My doctor prescribed me risperidone because he suspects I have schizophrenia— but I remain wary of taking it as I haven’t yet conducted the prerequisite research to feel safe taking it.

The positive ones make you psychotic. That’s the ones you have to treat.

You can always try an antidepressant.

Positives are worse than negatives in general so start by treating positives first. Some negatives and cognitives are permanent. If your negatives are severe keep trying new meds, for me, partial dopamine agonists like Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar cause the least negative symptoms.

I have bad positive symptoms at times but currently the negative and cognitive symptoms are really disabling. I can’t think at all sometimes, which is really bad considering I have college work to do.

For negative symptoms you need to develop good daily habits and need to follow them strictly without fail. For example going to bed at night and waking up at fixed times, not using bed during other times, exercising regularly like at least two times a week, bathing at least every two days etc. This is how you manage the side effects of negative symptoms.

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Are you insinuating that you can lessen the severity of the symptoms or merely work around them?

Sadly this is the only thing that work for negative symptoms. Yes you can mitigate most of the issues by following this method. In negative symptoms what happening is a gradual lack of emotions to stimuli. This is why it makes it hard to function with negative symptoms and the individual waits for the perfect time, mood etc to come. By following this method no need of any mood nor need any kind of emotions to function.