Benzos make voices gone

I have 2-4mg klonopin prescriped for me to be used when needed. When i take them, the voices almost dissapear. Anyone else experienced this ?

The effect does not last if i take them daily for weeks though.

I don’t think benzos can stop voices

They do, for me. But there is a chance that i have more traumatic symptoms than “real schizophrenia”.

Yes worked for me but they put me to sleep too so I tried not to take them too often…only in dire need. They are highly addictive as well.

Many people experience a very strong and noticable decrease in paranoia (incl. me). And I’m also one of the people where almost all voices disappear while on Klonopin, which only antipsychotics could not. Been taking Clonazepam for 8+ years daily and it still works.

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Klonopin reduces my paranoia, but I’ve never taken it to deal with voices. I have Haldol for that.

I agree you have to be careful not to overuse benzos though. If I take Klonopin every day for a week or ten days, it starts to lose its effectiveness. I try to limit to four days a week. I’m not always successful. I’m just grateful to have it because my previous pdoc wouldn’t prescribe benzos and I would always be crawling the walls.