Who here hears voices n want them to stop

Who here hears voices n want them to stop. I’ve tried everything even amyloban n it helps a little. Like I don’t hear voices during the day it seems to be only during the evenings. Maybe I need to be more mindful of when I take my meds.


Have you tried Clozapine? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Haldol and Amyloban 3399 have nearly stopped my voices. I do want them to stop, for better or worse.

No ill look into that did they help with your voices?

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Yes. It is beneficial for positive symptoms. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

That’s exactly what I’m taking but I hear voices during the evenings

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Ok ill ask my pdoc about it next time I visit

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I sometimes hear them at night. They’re getting more sparse though.

How much haldol do you take?

Do your voices try and engage you in conversation? Risperidone helped mine. They were a huge impact on my life I couldn’t do even the simplest of tasks without having my thoughts commented on

No they don’t try n engage in conversation their just annoying. I’ve tried resperdone and it didn’t help much

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Mine used to only come in the evenings too but I agree with others I think clozapine maybe the best option, believe me though they will stop at some point. I never thought I’d get a break and iv been voice free for 11 weeks


Thanks for the inspiration it means a lot. I hope they so stop

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Mine come and go, they’ve been chatty the last two days. I would love it if they went away.

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I was prescribed 2 mg Haldol, but on the first day I took 4 mg out of desperation, then 3 mg the next day. I’m on day 3 and taking 2 mg comfortably.

What meds do you take? This evening the infamous voices came back. How long did it take for the voices to disappear

There both female n male, more males than females. N I think I have a little bit of thought broadcasting as well .

I don’t hear voices but isn’t the answer; every schizophrenic in the history of mankind? Well, I can only think of one exception, Joan of Arc. And she ended up medium rare with a side of fries.

What are you talking about??

Sorry, but I thought it was pretty clear.
No one wants to hear voices, right? Of course no schizophrenic wants to hear voices, true?

Joan of Arc was a young woman in the 13th or 14th century who claimed to hear the voice of God telling her to lead France to freedom. She raised an army somehow of believers who followed her and she led the army to try and overthrow tyranny in France. She was captured and burned at the stake.
Historians later conjectured her voices were due to being schizophrenic or having some other mental illness.