I thought my voices were gone

I am like 14hrs away from home and no one knows me. A bunch of girls standing in line pointed my boyfriend and I out and the one knew stuff about me, my face got really hot because I felt invaded!

I was talking to the girl in my head and she was harrasing me

Maybe the stress of being 14 hours away from home made you symptomatic again ?

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I think so. It doesn’t feel like the meds are working for my paranoia. I’m going bonkers. I didn’t know I can be symptomatic this much while being on all these meds

You’ll be ok again once you’re back on your home turf.

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Thanks, maybe I should take another Klonopin

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I Ann having symptoms on invega as well some paranoia and possessed stuff …that’s why I increased my med. do u drive ? I don’t drive

I never learned how to drive. I don’t have good depth perception any ways and my concentration is awful. I’m getting invega increased too to every 3 weeks. 234mg, then if that doesn’t work, I’m out of options

How long in term of years have u taken invega ? I have taken it for two years

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Not even a year. Since the middle-end of October.

I got my booster shot for it on Halloween

You can be cured of the voice’s, okay, really you can. There is a process you can go through to adjust your thinking that will stop the invading thoughts.

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What were u taking before ?

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40mg zyprexa
12mg perphenazine
75mg hydroxyzine
1mg Klonopin

I’m on these meds for other stuff besides voices

Oh ok u r taking three antipsychotics

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Schizophrenia is completely curable 100% as if you never had it, although your memories will be the only thing that reminds you that you ever had the condition.

Like I said, it’s a process you go through to change your thinking, and is also completely individual. Basically once you understand the formula, you do the rest for yourself.

No I’m taking invega, prolixin, Depakote, Klonopin.

Sorry it took so long to get back, I was drawing, then had to run to the mall real quick. When I was there the floor was sinking in so I just took a Klonopin

I’m near a big city but I’m staying in a quiet town. My friends want to go to a bar, and I’m afraid to but I want to dress up and be out at night for once…

I made up my mind. I’m not going

Good decision taken

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