Why don't anti-psychotics stop the voices


Almost everyone on this site is on an ap but everyone still complains about voices. Why don’t the aps get rid of the voices? I know for me it’s better, but why are they there at all? Do I need a different ap? Do we all need a different ap? Or more ap? What level of recovery can we actually hope to achieve?


Idk. I still have voices too.


On 30 mg of Haldol, I get breakthrough voices once or twice a month. But my paranoia is so out of control, I think it bothers me worse than the voices do! I’ve never found an AP that dents my paranoia.


The drugs are for mood disorders. I think this is where the meds go wrong. As they don’t cure us from hearing voices but make us more tolerant of them (have a better mood while experiencing the voices).


I thought this thread was interesting

It’s possible that there’s a med combo out there that works but people haven’t found it yet. Or don’t want to try (like Clozapine).

I don’t hear voices myself though. Never have.


To top it off we still struggle with delusions, visual and tactile hallucinations. Granted it’s better. We seem to have insight, and that’s a huge improvement, but still we have positive symptoms. I’m not sure if I’ve told my pdoc that. I think I don’t say anything because I don’t want to get put on something so strong that I’m totally lobotomized. I can function well enough, so leave well enough alone. Maybe I do need clozapine.


I really have schizophrenia, but I have not heard voices often in my life. My thoughts are a mess, however.



Same here. APs barely help with my delusions. I guess they’re intractable? They do help with anxiety and stuff. My negative symptoms and depression are intractable too.


Tbh no med has touched my paranoia. Delusions I think it may have helped but paranoia not at all.


I’m actually half decent on the voices front. I’ve never really heard much of anything. The only thing is feeling like ■■■■. And somehow feeling exposed to things.


So this is what happens: We have some terrible symptoms and go to get meds>they give us something>we feel a little better>we go back>they ask us if we feel better>we say yes>they assume we are all the way better>we’re stuck in the middle - not all the way sick, not all the way better. I don’t think my pdoc knows I still have voices. I really don’t think so. I always assume people know, but I think that’s the whole thought broadcasting thing. They really can’t tell by talking to us. And that goes for any of the struggles that we’re going through. They don’t know we aren’t bathing. What’s the one thing you make sure you do before you go to see your pdoc? Shower. I always do. They don’t know that it’s the only shower you’ve had all week. They don’t know if you go 2 days without speaking because you’re totally shut down and lost in your own mind. All they see is what you present for those short little, freshly showered, well behaved, polite, fairly well spoken, well planned out 20 minutes that you see them once every couple of weeks or even months sometimes. How the hell are they supposed to know. I’m so dumb. No wonder I’m feeling stuck like this. I gotta tell her. I really want to get better enough to go back to work. I’m sick of sitting around my house just getting by. I want to get back to my old self.


They say only 70 percent of schiz get full relief of positive symptoms. 20 percent partial relief and 10 percent no relief at all. Maybe time to try clozapine like others said. If I stillheard voices on meds I would try niacin. I know some say that helps


Did you try exercise to treat depression @insidemind ?


Its weird I stay normal on antipsychotics for about 10 months of the year then I have psychosis for a month followed by mood swings for a month. Maybe it cycles for me.


it depends on how you react to the med,

my med helps with everything, my thoughts are not against me on my med unlike the last one i was on.


is it certain times of the year where you have the problem because for me I’m on high alert come October. Then it takes til February to recover.


Usually summer. I was in a partial hospitalization program this summer. Once or twice it has happened in spring. I am really not a 100% sure how it cycles because I only have been dealing with this for three years ever since I turned 25.


I don’t know if this is for everyone but it seems that schizophrenia is more chronic while schizoaffective happens in cycles. I should really look it up.


Oh that’s interesting. I’ll start paying attention to that and see if I think that’s true for everyone. It’s definitely true for me and I’m sza.


Yeah because I have a month of psychosis than mood symptoms for a month and then it stops for a while. I should create a thread about this.