Do benzodiazepines affect voices and do antipsychotics block their effects

After about a year on and off zyprexa my voices are quiet even after being off of zyprexa for over a month and now on the lowest dose of geodon, i have always had anxiety even before the voices started and i think i need to take something for it, i am going to talk to my pdoc when i go back to see him but i am hoping i can find a med for anxiety that doesnt cause weight gain because i am trying to lose weight but that is not the point of this, sorry i get side tracked alot, BUT, Basically do anti anxiety medications make your voices worse i am asking because i think i am not very sure but i think they affect dopamine levels and also would the antipsychotics just completely block the effects of the anti-anxiety meds i am completely confused about how they would work together can someone please explain this to me

i have also been having some sleeping problems which i think they could help as well i stay up till like 6am than wake up at 11 am than go back to sleep at 2 pm and wake up around 5 pm it is not good

If voices are triggered by anxiety I don’t think they will be worse. But benso has side effects hallucinations. Some people hear voices on them.

Anxiety can make symptoms worse. Benzos can calm you down and take away the anxiety making it worse. Benzos also could take me out of paranoia attacks very quickly.

Antipsychotics and benzos effect completely different things and should not interact in theory.

Benzos should not make the voices worse. I know what you mean though about not wanting to shake things up in your mind too much. Rapid benzo withdrawal would be the only thing I think might make things worse for you but that too would be temporary