Benefits from beating covid---19

Can we brain storm some benefits



IMO the world is level par now in terms of my philosophy!

One benefit might be making one more resilient

There’s now Better technology for finding vaccines for things.

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The vaccine for covid is a miricale imo

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I’m getting my first one probably by April 24th

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Personally, covid has enlightened and matured me greatly. Even though it’s been real hard at times.

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cool the 24th is my son b-day it falls on a saturday

I will be vaccined by the end of summer here

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tbh covid hasn’t changed my life much

the main benefit is I didn’t get it

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I didn’t get it either but it was stressful for me I got really stressed in the end of the first winter in February March and April . Then again November of 2020

It was a lot work related. Trying to balance things out of my control. Now I’ve simplified things and it’s more naturally balanced. I just need a new start somewhere I believe

it really did shake up the world

throughout history there was pandemics that nearly crippled the human race

but we as a people are resileint enough to keep going 2021

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