Who here going to take the covid vaccine

im going to take vaccine, even if theres side effects. I sick of tired of wearing masks, staying inside just want to be normal again.

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I’ll take the vaccine but I’ll still sanitize, wear mask and keep my distance

I am taking it. I had covid19 earlier. First 3 days are hell. I still can’t taste or smell properly after 18 days. I don’t want to have it again.

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i dont think you need to, because your have the antibodies already, your immune to it. thanks god your okay.

I think I will abstain. I suspect I already had covid and my body handled it very well. I don’t like to take vaccines unless absolutely necessary.

Ppl are getting reinfected and its worse the second time. I read that covid19 antibodies don’t last long.


I dont think you have to take the vaccine because your body already develop antibodies.

really i dont know that okay.

Someone posted an article here in the covid thread showing that covid19 immunity lasts less than 3 months.

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thats weird, i thought ounce infected you cant get infected again thats the theory. This virus must be an exception damn that sucks.

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I don’t know if I’ll get the vaccine.
I don’t like vaccines, too scared.

you dont have too, its not mandated.

Yeah I know 1554

but i highly recommend getting one though.

I will get it if possible, I have to protect my family and my grandmother.

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On one hand the vaccine will have been rushed through, so the question remains is it safe? On the other, it may not be mandated but it will be like in the first world war if you didn’t volunteer to fight, they sent you a white feather to pressure you socially into doing it. :frowning:

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Vaccines are always better than the real disorder.

They say vaccines will produce in 2021, so hopefully they will be safe and everything will go back to normal, so many people died from this virus its horrible. The virus Its going to be here forever its not going away so just pray it works. right.

Severity depends on strength of immune system and viral charge like being around infected ppl: