The vaccine is a mircale imo

Has t be

now lets celebrate


Yea did you get it yet, i got mine.

over all tis is a mircale imo, im getting it soon


O great i hope you dont get any side effects. Try to get the pfizer one thats the best one.

once i get it i will feel safe

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O yea, i when i got it i got scared because of the side effects but it wasnt so bad, just had a sore arm for couple days. Yes you feel alot better when you get it.

once we kill covid and its aims, its game over

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Yea thats true, but we wont kill covid we will just immune from it, it will always be there, thats the sad truth.

I had the Pfizer.

Did not want it at all but I want to do what I can to help.

This in my opinion is like having to wear a mask in public places and social distance.

It’s not about you but everybody else.

I want to see my nan and other family with more confidence that the vaccine protects us

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still stands a mircale against covid

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Im going to get the pfizer shots soon.

my soul m8 might out look out 4 me

Miracles just happen.

This COVID vaccine required hard work on lots of people’s part.

You should thank them instead of calling it a miracle.

Yeah but I bet ya any money after everyone has had the vaccine something else will happen and we will all be put in lockdown again. This is the new norm.

Is this correct?

It shows what humans can do when we work together. Let’s not stop with the vaccine.


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