Benadryl with Haldol

How much Benadryl do you take with Haldol? I am taking both all day and am more tired than I’d like to be.

However, even as is, I strongly prefer Haldol to all of the newer antipsychotics I’ve taken.

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Why you want to take Bendaryl? It can cause dementia and other issues if take for long term.

Really? I’ve never heard that. I was told to take it with Haldol to lower the chances of side effects.

It’s also always given that way in shots in the hospital.


I think tiredness due to haldol as its a strong dopamine blocker. Have you checked your vitamin D and thyroid levels? Low and sub optimal levels can cause tiredness and lack of energy.

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I get blood work regularly and haven’t been told anything is off. I can certainly always get more sun, though.

Yes then its fine.

I’m strictly on haldol I don’t take anything for side effects

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Isn’t dopamine a big player in addiction? How would/does Haldol affect recovering addicts?

Haldol blocks dopamine thus addiction reduced.

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I’m on 15mg of Haldol pills. I’m really tired too. Benedryl would make me nonfunctional

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That’s really great to hear.

I’m maybe 2 months in to taking Haldol/Benadryl as an outpatient. I’m fighting a stimulant addiction.

So is Benadryl alongside Haldol not a common thing? I assumed it was since more than one doctor has prescribed it this way for me.

My nurse practitioner told me to take Benadryl and I get the haldol shot. I didn’t take it bc of a bad reaction to it a long time ago

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How long since your last dose? Stimulant withdrawal can make you very sleepy for up to a few months.

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Benadryl is commonly used in the ER for acute EPS. It’s a perfectly normal occurrence to take Benadryl alongside Haldol. When I was on Haldol and got extreme akathisia, I’d pop 6 Benadryls. Not recommending that, but it got the akathisia to stop. Also dried me the hell out, so there was that too.

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If you’re concerned, please ask your doctor. Strangers on the internet are not a good source of medical advice.

I’m not looking for medical advice here. I am curious about other people’s experiences. That’s something my dr likely won’t tell me about.

That’s fine. Just be cautious, that’s all.

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When I started developing TD my doc told me Benadryl was not the most common med to combat it, but it can be effective. He said if I continued on that med he would recommend cogentin. But I decided to switch instead.

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