Is it safe to take sleep aids everynight

I take 25 mg of diphenhydramine, every night my pharmacist says its okay, what do you guys think is it safe. Thanks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I would go with what the pharmacist says. But I can tell you I took diphenhydramine for very many years to help me fall asleep and eventually it stopped working. Now I can take bunches of it and it doesn’t even make me drowsy in the slightest. You build a tolerance to it over time.


You will become dependent.

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Really thats not good, but says its not addictive though.

Really, so it will stop working for me too in couple years too.

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It’s not addictive but if you use it every day it will lose effect and you will become increasingly dependent on it for sleep.

But it’s an antihistamine so it’s pretty safe and harmless.

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really i didnt know that okay thanks for information, i hope it doesnt lose effectiveness, i been using for a while, i sleep fall asleep fine everynight, takes about 15 minutes to go sleep for me.

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Google is a magical thing

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O thanks really appreciate it the link, will read this soon. :smiley:

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Probably good to check with your doc. I believe frequent Benadryl use was recently associated with dementia. That said, I take a sleep aid almost every night, and have done so since i was about 5 years old.

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Actually my pdoc reccomend to take that with my main sleep medication doxepin.

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It can cause dementia in the long run. Also other side effects can emerge. For example glaucoma (high eye pressure).

There are herbal options for sleep with almost no side effects. My favorite is holy basil (Tulsi) tea. It helps to get good sleep at night, also gives nice dreams. Improves digestion, immunity and many other benefits.

Yeah it’s fine. The only real danger in it is your brain can become dependent on it for sleep so if you ever run out or forget to get a refill you may have real nasty insomnia for a while. That happened to me with seroquel. But that’s not even a guarantee and if you plan to stay on the med it doesn’t really matter.

Yes. It’s safe. All that is is Benedryl

Oh, I take the same sometimes yeap :slightly_smiling_face:. My pharmacist said the same, that it’s not addictive… But tbh, I have my doubts on that, I could be wrong… I tried herbs for sleep, they wasnt working as this med. This antihistamine even relaxes me a bit, calms me down if i am a bit overexcited… I like it too.
So folks, you are sure it’s not physically or mentally addictive? Maybe mentally a bit, no? :thinking:
I just wonder.
Well, ok, take care all :grinning:

Valerian root can be taken safely every night in small doses to aid in sleep.


If the effect starts to wear off discontinue use or skip a night a week from the drug. That means you are developing a tolerance. And don’t take more than one sleep aid at a time.

Whether or not it’s safe depends upon what med you’re taking for sleep. Some meds are safer than others. Consult your pharmacist.

My sister said to me once it can cause a heart disease but I can’t sleep without it since I started taking INVEGA 3.5 years ago.

I take it some nights. It helps me fall asleep a lot faster. I won’t take it every night though…