Being under constant surveillance

it makes me more aware how I walk, interact with people. If I see a cat in the street I bend down and pet it being totally aware I’m being watched. I try and act normal. I don’t post anything personal on line.

Do you have a feeling your being watched out in public?

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When unmedicated, Yes.

I’m being watched inside and outside as well


Friends etc say “so what? It doesn’t matter if you are being watched”. But I panic just thinking about it

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The Big Lebowski is a great movie and a great attitude…

I embraced it at some point and put myself on the internet. Dating apps and such. Actual government stalking? Probably not, normal stalking? Perhaps

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…imagine being watched every waking moment…then watch how healthy people react to being watched in their private areas for only a few seconds or minutes…it’s more mentally destructive than rape…


…if being watched is no biggie why is stalking a problem?..

One of the most important questions about voices is why are they so powerful? Why can voices make people do things that are irrational, bizarre or even dangerous, and why are they so successful in causing suffering? Well, part of the answer to that is that they know you intimately.

Persecutory voices of the kind experienced by people with schizophrenia have been described by one sufferer in Fuller Torrey’s book Surviving Schizophrenia as “ a constant state of mental rape


I feel like that everyday.

It’s annoying

All the time. I get followed everywhere and they record my computer and phone.

If you have Alexa, Google assistant, Siri you are being constantly listened to. I know I’m extra paranoid but why are people ok with being spied on?

I get self-conscious sometimes but I tend to be friendly and lots of people reciprocate.

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In my last major episode I was scared a guy I talked to on the internet was spying on me through cameras. In my phone, through my computer, etc. I covered them all up out of fear.

Of course i was wrong and just very paranoid at the time.



It might have something to do with the fact that I’m extraordinarily boring. So what if the Chinese government knows that I spend a lot of time surfing


people are NOT ok with being spied on…it’s the helplessness to stop it that makes schizophrenics resign themselves to it and begin to adapt…


They must be, why else would someone put an Amazon Alexa in their bathroom? Everyone knows enough to know it’s recording the noises from their bowel movements. They obviously don’t care, it’s more important to them to have the morning news read out loud so they can get the scoop while taking their poop. For myself yeah I know that Google is listening to me in my car, but I place more value on Google navigation on my infotainment system. My hobbies? All kind of public as I run a hobbyist radio station, and I share both photography and writing on photography publicly.

Besides, I live in a small town. I know that my neighbours are always watching me. Doesn’t bother me as I’m not doing anything I have to be worried about.


Good points. Also what’s it like to run a radio station? Sounds awesome.

Time consuming and expensive. It’s a fun hobby, but expect to go out of pocket a few grand a year. I don’t make a penny back as there’s no advertising revenue and I don’t sell merchandise.

Awesome! You’ve come a long way MrSquirrel. I can still remember a time when you said web cameras and stuff really bothered you, even when not in use, as I recall.

Congratulations on your progress! I’m happy for you.