Being bullied and no one is doing anything about it!

I’m being bullied by the police and all people are saying it’s in your head take some meds. I’m sick of it! No one listens to me. I’m good in myself it’s these external things that get to me.

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How are they doing that?

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How are the police bullying you?

Consider having two nail DNA tests, one for your toenails and another for fingernails, to put to rest the idea that the police surgically replaced your hands.


Yeah I want to but no one is willing too. They find every way to get at me even when I feel good I’m so sick of it.

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Many ways but I don’t feel like explaining sorry

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I thought the police / the government were constantly messing with me when I was prodromal, that state where schizophrenia develops. I was thinking that they were hacking my computer because I tried pursuing a lady a little too hard one time, and eventually it lead to a belief that I had a brain-chip installed, broadcasting my thoughts. It took anti-psychotics, some supplements, and time to get back to my sober self who wasn’t paranoid about the government spying on me anymore, because realistically, I am an unremarkable person with a low net worth who isn’t worth spying on.

Now all I have are regrets for thinking the way I did, and worrying my family by talking to them about delusions as if they were fact.


It’s really distressing ae I’m on aps but I don’t believe it’s illness tbh

I’m sorry you’re struggling with this delusion again. The police aren’t trying to bully you. They’re just trying to keep you safe from yourself.

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I know you believe that but they really are out to get me! :(:disappointed_relieved:

Like it’s a struggle to read your thoughts most time. No offence but it’s classic paranoid schizophrenic behavoir. The cops are used to such things. The mental health teams are used to such things…There’s a reason why they are called delusions. It’s because they are real to you but not others and you can’t see the reality behind them.

I’m sorry your suffering but your wasting energy on the wrong things. Just an opinion from seeing a lot of paranoid thinkers.


Thanks for your input @rogueone

I’m gunna say it.

You guys are being extremely dismissive.

That said, Princess you might want to give a couple examples if you can, so others aren’t so quick to say you’re having delusional thoughts.

I mean police bullying mentally ill people is not an unheard of thing.

It’s unfortunate, but when posting about something that sounds like a classic delusion in a schizophrenia forum, you’ll need to explain your thoughts a little more thoroughly than in a typical forum. Otherwise people tend to discredit you when what your saying may not actually be a delusion.

THAT said, I don’t think you posted this with the intention of having us tell you whether you’re delusional or not, so we can probably shift the direction of this conversation.

Besides, none of us can really confirm whether or not what you’re experiencing is a delusion anyways because none of us are witnesses.

But I definitely won’t be one of the ones that are so quick to say what you’re experiencing is delusional or not. Especially if you’re not comfortable explaining what’s going on. I know how terrible it feels when no one believes you.

What we can do for you though is support you through the stress of this. And send love and good vibes.


Because it’s delusional. I wouldn’t flag you @Bittercat but you don’t build up belief in this situation.

No offense. I know you want validation but in this case it’s anything but responsible or practical!

Sorry. This girl is struggling and it’s not a post that helps them any confirming this content.


I’ve not confirmed or supported any of the above content. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss someone without any “evidence”.

And as a message for Princess that whether or not any of this is actually happening is something that none of us can ever confirm, but that we will still send good vibes her way because everyone deserves good vibes, especially when they’re clearly struggling.

That’s all. I don’t condone the support of delusional thinking anyways.


Yeah it’s a good point but you need to be responsible!

It’s about content if you’ve followed the story. It isn’t anything good and that impacts on the individual. We’ve all been there at some point in the picture.

yeah it’s great to think your tripping balls and others agree but this isnt’ the thread to put your heels in and stick up for schizophrenic rights.

This girl is struggling with a really serious delusion…I’m out!


I think it’s a responsible thing to do to make sure someone feels loved and heard. Which by the way is a completely different thing than giving credibility to a delusion.

If I’ve followed the story? I don’t see anything suggestive in this post. Maybe I don’t have the full story, but I’ve looked back and can’t find recent content similar to this post. If it’s there and I missed it, then my apologies for appearing to justify a delusion.

My point however still stands. Send good vibes to people who need good vibes. Sorry if I’ve gone about it in the wrong ways.

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@princess I hope you can get to feeling better soon .


I will not dismiss neighbours or police harassment of bullying etc. But I think when it happens our brains take it to another level because of the stress. It has happened to me.

Yes I have been harassed. And it was stressful. And then it just grew and grew to the point my Internet was hacked. My radio. My phone. All so they could listen in on me. And they were trying to set me up for a crime.

I reported them to the police who did nothing about it. Said they were not on the system. (They were though for shop lifting)

Harassment can mean a lot of things. It’s just we get stressed and it grows and grows.

Take care.

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Let’s not confirm somebody else’s delusions Bittercat. That will only further princesses’ delusions.


Do you see someone in police officer uniform and think they are bullying you?

Or have you been bullied by police officers in the past? (Them detaining you and stopping you from harming yourself doesn’t count).

The second option seems understandable but the first one would indicate this is a delusion you have. ‘The police’ are made up of hundreds, if not thousands of men and women across your country. Only a few you will have came into contact with and if they were to bully anyone, it would be the nasty criminals who offend repeatedly and not someone like you who is unwell.